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Seniors: What We’ll Miss

By Chris Acampora

Senior Staff Writer

Hanover High is a special place, and there are definitely a lot of things our seniors will miss about it. Each person has something really unique that they’ll be sad to leave after graduation. Here’s what a few HHS seniors said they will miss most:

  • Ryan K: Band and lunch with the lads
  • Katie D: Señora Aborn and cinco honores
  • Bridget F: Sleeping in the library
  • Alex M: The kids (my friends) and some teachers
  • Ronan R: The friends I have made and the teachers that have been there for me all the time
  • Donovan D: Mr. Depatto and the boys!
  • Brendan M: My teachers
  • Krisna V: hanging with Sara in the library
  • Alex M: my friends
  • Nick C: all the people, not just my friends
  • Tom M: The TLC People
  • Joe R: Sports events
  • Meghan R: The friendships
  • Emily S: Socializing
  • Caroline Z: Seeing my friends every day
  • Matt McL: Wrestling
  • Gia D: Being young because after this it’s the real world
  • Wyatt C: The people
  • Jack D: Popcorn chicken bowls with gravy on everything… Oh!

SENIORS: Highlights of High School

A lot has happened in the last four years at Hanover High, and there’s definitely been a lot of memorable moments that people will never forget. Here are what some HHS seniors said was their favorite memory from their high school experience:

By Chris Acampora

Senior Staff Writer

  • Kayla M: Attending MASC with student council for the first time
  • Swaliha K: The first day of school senior year! The beginning of the end—very bittersweet
  • Donovan D: Meeting the boys
  • Cooper D: Playing on the field at Gillette Stadium during UMass Band Day
  • Chris A: That time my friend Alex and I saved all my art from the dumpster behind the school
  • Abby B: Becoming closer with my friends “The Majors”
  • Josh C: Being able to travel around the country to learn skills with student council
  • Mikayla C: Visiting Quebec City
  • Sam H: When they added hot pretzels in the cafeteria
  • James S: Participating in all of the concerts and shows
  • Harry O.: Trip to Europe with Mr. Perry in 2018
  • Megan R: Going to all the football and hockey games with my friends
  • Jordan Lindsay: cheerleading
  • Mia B: English class junior year, when seniors parade on the last day
  • Ben F: Playing hockey at the TD Garden
  • Janey D: The year our sports teams won multiple championships
  • Nick C: When I broke my collarbone freshman year during lacrosse practice
  • Tom M: Walking through the front door
  • Brendan M: “Giving birth” during a coping skills breathing exercise in Mr. Sprague’s classroom

Hanover Hit by Worst Winter Ever! (If you’re a senior, that is!)

By Chris Acampora

Worst winter ever?

I can tell what you’re thinking: how could this be the worst winter ever? “There hasn’t been any snow this year, it hasn’t even been that cold out!” Well, that’s been exactly the problem.

Each year, winter is supposed to bring snow storms, which of course means winter is supposed to bring snow days. These surprise days off are absolutely necessary to the health and well-being of students and teachers alike. This is especially true for seniors, who aren’t required to make up snow days at the end of the year. In recent years, each senior class has been gifted multiple days off thanks to Mother Nature. But this year has been especially disappointing to the Class of 2019, which so far has only had one snow day and one two-hour delay.

HHS students have been seeing disappointing results from the online Snow Day Calculator this year

For most of winter, the snow we’ve gotten has been terribly timed, often coming on weekends and at night, keeping Hanover High students trapped inside and not canceling school — double bummer! We finally caught a break on March 4. Hanover received 16″ of snow, creating a long weekend that was especially well-deserved for students involved with boys hockey, boys basketball and the drama program.  All had big games and important events going on this weekend.  A special thanks to senior Donovan Dailey, who emailed Superintendent Matt Ferron on Sunday and was the first to announce that the snow day was official!

Although it’s late for snowstorms in March, anything is possible. It would be great to have at least one more snow day for the seniors to not have to make up!

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YEAR IN REVIEW: Social Media Sensations

By Chris Acampora

Whether you liked 2018 or not, you have to agree that there was a lot to laugh about. Videos, pictures and memes that went viral captured our attention and provided much of the humor. Here’s a look at the funniest things on the Internet and social media in 2018:

Selfie Kid

People always find something to make fun of about the Super Bowl halftime show, and 2018 was no different. Way back in February, a Scituate native was dubbed “Selfie Kid” for his pic with halftime performer Justin Timberlake — and the shot of him looking at his phone immediately after. It was extremely awkward to watch, and inspired countless memes trying to answer the question: what was he looking at on his phone?

Tide Pod Challenge

Everyone knows the joke, but where did it even come from? The exact origin is hard to find, but the whole Tide Pod Challenge controversy started after memes surfaced referring to the colorful detergent pods as “forbidden fruit” and making jokes about eating the toxic product. The joke took off mostly because of its absurd nature, eventually turning into the mock “Tide Pod Challenge.” Adults were up in arms, thinking it was a real trend that put young children in danger. No, nobody ever intended for anyone to actually eat Tide Pods. Making it even worse, many people made food items with the pattern of a Pod. The joke did point out, however, that packing hazardous laundry detergent to look like candy can be very dangerous.

Walmart Yodeling Kid

 This video of a kid yodeling in the middle of an Illinois Walmart raised more questions than answers. Why is a kid singing (“yodeling”) in the middle of a Walmart? Why are people gathering to watch? Why is someone filming? What song is he singing? The video eventually spurred a remix (that was surprisingly good) which kept “yodeling kid” on people’s minds for quite a while. The boy was Illinois native mason Ramsey, and the song, Hank Williams’ Lovesick Blues,  saw a rise in popularity on streaming services. People liked the boy so much that Walmart even invited him back to perform, and he even got a record deal– releasing his own song a few months later.

The Circle Game

It seemed everyone wanted to trick you into looking at their fingers in a circle on their leg; if you did, they’d get to punch you on the shoulder. The trick was apparently a thing in the 1980s, and had come back. Now with the Internet and computers, though, people were able to sneak the symbol into more places than on their leg. Photos circulated with hidden circles in the sneakiest of places, turning them into puzzles. We’re definitely sure this trend caused a lot of sore shoulders around the world and at HHS.

Presidential Alerts

Back in October, the government sent out the first test of its nationwide emergency alert system. It was a strange occurrence to have almost all smartphones across the country go off at the same time. Despite being called a “Presidential Alert,”  the messages don’t come from President Trump. This, however, didn’t stop people from turning it into a meme, humorously creating what they thought would be alerts  important enough to send to the entire country. 

Yanny or Laurel?

A reincarnation of “the dress” that people couldn’t tell was white and gold (the correct answer) or black and blue, this audio clip  rocked the Internet. When someone heard it on a vocabulary website, they shared it and started one of the most divisive arguments of 2018. Hysteria ensued as people picked sides and tried to figure out how the audio clip could appear to be playing different words for different people. Many people questioned what was wrong with their hearing or what was going on with the world. In the end it was determined that some people’s brains would just process the clip one way or the other. Listening to the word with an altered pitch allowed everyone to hear both sides of the word, which was originally meant to be laurel. Phew, world crisis averted!


Of course there were plenty of other funny things that happened in 2018, but it would take an encyclopedia to record them all. Hopefully someday there will be historians dedicated to these viral videos, trends and memes so we don’t have to explain them to our kids. The year had a lot of funny moments, and we’re hopeful that will be true for 2019 as well. Remember to try to not take yourself so seriously this year; there will be plenty to laugh about.



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Pies for the Paper: Ms. Doyle Takes Part in Fundraiser

By Chris Acampora

Students seeing one of their favorite teachers put her face in a pie is not the usual way to end lunch period in the caf. But that was the case Nov. 16 when Ms. Doyle performed her winning stunt for The Indian’s Dollars for Dares fundraiser. Students and staff submitted a dollar a vote to choose which teacher volunteer they wanted to perform a unique stunt. During the week of voting, competition was neck and neck between Ms. Doyle’s whip cream-filled stunt and a singing duet by Mr. Hegarty and Mr. Ciccolo. Other dares included Mrs. McHugh wearing an inflatable T-rex costume, Mrs. Curley roller skating through the halls, and Mr. Wilbur eating chocolate-covered crickets. Thanks to Hanover High’s daring teachers and generous students, The Indian raised $130 to fund future print issues of the paper. The stunt definitely made for an interesting way to end lunches on a Friday — thanks, Ms. Doyle!

The video report below was created  by Mr. Wilbur and the HHS Broadcast Journalism class.

Another Year, Another Set of iPhones

By Chris Acampora

It’s fall—that means the leaves are changing, a new school year has begun, and, of course, new iPhones have been released. Last year, Apple gave us the iPhone X, a new, larger phone with an edge to edge screen that unlocks with facial recognition instead of scanning a fingerprint. It was also $1,000—which was the greatest takeaway for most people in the market for a new phone. Did Apple learn its lesson that people won’t pay $1,000 for a phone? Nope. This year’s iPhone XS still starts at $1,000, and is visually identical to its predecessor; meanwhile, its larger sibling, the iPhone XS Max, starts at a hundred dollars more.

The iPhone XS in gold at Apple’s announcement in September

What changed from the iPhone X to the iPhone XS, you might ask? If you have an iPhone X, there’s not so much different that would make it a worthy upgrade. But if you’re looking to upgrade from an older phone, the XS adds a few key things that might sweeten the deal. If you’re a photographer, you’ll love the new camera with Smart HDR that is able to combine multiple versions of the photo you’re taking so it’s not too bright or dark. If you’re a fan of larger phones, you’ll like that the XS Max  fits an even bigger screen on a phone that’s the same size as previous Plus models. And if you’re clumsy, you’ll like the new glass that is harder and less likely to crack. Of course, there are also the typical yearly upgrades: it’s faster—with faster Face ID, camera and data speeds. It also has a longer-lasting battery. The most noticeable change, however, is the new gold color that sits alongside the typical white and black models.

The new iPhone XR in orange, red, blue, and yellow

Those who want more color, though, will like the iPhone XR, which comes in blue, yellow, orange, and red in addition to white and black—similar to the iPhone 5C back in 2013. This new iPhone, priced below the iPhone XS and XS Max at $750, falls in between the iPhone XS and XS Max size-wise. It still has most of the same features as the iPhone XS, like Face ID, a faster processor, and a better camera. But there are few compromises to reach that lower price tag. The iPhone XR doesn’t get the fancy high accuracy screen like the iPhone XS or a dual camera setup, and the sides of the phone are matte aluminum instead of the polished stainless steel of the iPhone XS. It’s also slightly thicker too, but that is what gives it the longest battery life of any iPhone, ever.

A size comparison of Apple’s new larger phones, the XS Max, XR. and XS

Overall, people in the market for a new iPhone have a lot of options when it comes to which phone to pick. Now there are different screen sizes, different price tiers, and different colors. While there’s the top of the line iPhone XS Max with 512gb of storage at a little under $1,500, there’s also the iPhone 7 still hanging around at $450, proving there’s a different iPhone for everyone.