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Technology News of 2017

People Mourn the Loss of the  Headphone Jack: After Apple removed the headphone jack from its latest iPhone in early 2017, people argued whether it was a beloved, crucial feature or a relic of the past. Many felt that removing it and forcing the use of an adapter was unnecessary, while others were ready to embrace the future of wireless headphones. Overall, it seems the public has adjusted and the headphone jack is on its way out.

Digital Assistants Make Themselves at Home: In 2015, Amazon created the smart speaker with its digital assistant Alexa, and since then, the idea has taken off. The adoption rate of these devices – which stream music, search the Internet, and control other in-home devices with simple voice commands – doubled in 2017 and is increasing steadily into 2018.  Alexa remains the most popular, but other companies are trying to catch up. Google released a miniature version of its Home in October and Apple is going to release its HomePod at some point soon. Overall, it shows how technology is leaving our pockets and making itself at home in our living rooms.

Net Neutrality is No More: Mid-December marked the end for Net Neutrality,  the law that prohibited Internet providers from varying  speeds for different websites. Republicans argued the law limited the  competition which could lead to cheaper Internet plans. Democrats insisted that, without the law,  Internet providers have too much power and could slow down or impose fees on websites.  It’ll be interesting to see how the Internet changes in 2018.

Trump Embraces Twitter: Throughout President Trump’s first year in office, he’s made consistent – and controversial – use of Twitter. Trump prefers to communicate directly with the people instead of relying on what he calls “fake news.”  It is a huge change for an American president to rely so heavily on social media. Trump supporters love his straight talk, but critics say his unfiltered tweets are a danger, At one point, people even claimed Trump should be banned from Twitter for breaking its terms of service by “bullying.” Twitter responded that banning world leaders would be wrong, since Twitter is a way for them to reach so many people.

Equifax Hack Leaves Millions at Risk: September was not a good month for credit check company Equifax and its customers. Hackers accessed the personal information of 143 million Americans, including names, addresses, and social security numbers. This reminded us that no technology is truly secure –although the head of security at a company safeguarding millions of American’s information probably should have more than a music degree.

 Image result for apple low batteryApple Stumbles Through Battery-Gate: Sneaking into the news in the last week of 2017, it was discovered that Apple was slowing down iPhones that have older batteries. This came after years of talk about Apple and “planned obsolescence.” The company released a statement saying they only slowed down phones with older batteries to prevent the phones from unexpectedly shutting down. They insisted the problem could be fixed by replacing the phone’s battery, and offered to do it at a discount.  If Apple had only been honest from the start, the company would have avoided tons of bad publicity.

Everything New from Apple’s iPhone Event

Above: Apple CEO Tim Cook Announcing Apple’s Latest Products

iPhone 8 and 8 Plus – No, there’s no 7S

As the successors to the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus and a cheaper alternative to the iPhone X, the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus bring a new design. Made with a glass back like previous iPhones, the new iPhone no longer has an aluminum body. The new glass back finally allows the iPhone to support wireless charging — but it can still be charged via the usual lightning cable if you don’t want to shell out the cash for the wireless charging pad (sold separately). Hopefully, though, this glass-backed phone fares better than the shatter-prone iPhone 4 and 4S of the past. This new design makes the new iPhones both thicker and heavier, although not by much.

Also new with the iPhone 8 is the A11 “Bionic” chip (Your best guess as to what “Bionic” means is just as good as mine). For the average user, just know this is 25 percent faster than the iPhone 7 and will remain fast for the next few iOS updates. The camera on the iPhone 8 also gets an upgrade, now taking better pictures in low light, with an improved flash that no longer leaves the background dark.

The iPhone 8 also bumps up the base storage size from 32gb to 64gb, which is good considering Apple raised the price of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus $50 and $30 respectively. It comes in Silver, Space Gray, and Gold (No more Rose Gold, Jet Black, Matte Black, or Red). Overall this new iPhone feels more like an iPhone 7S than an iPhone 8, but it’s still a worthwhile upgrade if you’re in the need of a new phone. This also highlights the problem for Apple: iPhones have gotten so good, you rarely need a new one. Apple seems to have a solution to this problem and it ends in “X.”

iPhone X – Yup, seven ate nine

Yes, it’s pronounced “ten” not “x,” and yes, it’s $999. When the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus weren’t matching the rumors, Apple released the last trick it had up its sleeves. Marking 10 years of the iPhone, Apple says the iPhone X is the future, now. This iPhone, which was years in the making, is probably the biggest change to the iPhone since the iPhone 6 in 2014. Featuring an edge to edge screen which eliminates the iconic home button, it’s a bold move for Apple. Users now swipe up from the bottom of the screen to mimic the function of the home button. Also gone with the button is Touch ID. Formerly Apple’s default method of device unlocking, Touch ID is being replaced by the similarly named Face ID facial recognition system. Face ID is supposed to be 20 times more secure than Touch ID– and much easier to use. Now the user only has to look at the iPhone to unlock it. Apple says it should work even at night or if you put glasses on; just don’t have a twin. It can, however, tell the difference between you and a picture of you with depth sensors, so rest assured, nobody will use a family photo to get into your iPhone. Face ID seems to be a much easier way of unlocking your phone, but we’ll have to see how reliable it is when the phone is released in early November.

The biggest change with the iPhone X is that its screen is now OLED. This means blacks are deeper, colors are more vibrant, and battery is better (The pixels of an OLED screen are actually off when showing the color black). Since the screen is almost edge to edge, it puts a plus-sized iPhone screen in the body of a regular sized one. The body of the iPhone X is also glass-backed like the iPhone 8, but to differentiate between the two, the iPhone X has polished stainless steel around the edges. It can also be differentiated from the iPhone 8 by its vertical dual cameras, which Apple claims are its best yet (the second camera being for 2x zoom). Unfortunately though, the iPhone X only comes in two colors, Silver and Space Gray, which seems boring considering Apple has been releasing new colors for the iPhone almost every year. It’s also both thicker and heavier, but most people will probably enjoy the greater battery life (2 hours more than the iPhone 8).

While this iPhone finally brings a huge change to the lineup, the X has one drawback. The$999 price tag is much more than Apple customers are used to paying, and its at the top of the phone price range. It’s a big risk, since people will either see the value in the new technology, or Apple will learn it just outpriced its average customer.

Everything Else – But wait, there’s more

Apple also released a Series 3 Apple Watch, and a new Apple TV that plays 4K content. The latest watch now can be used with or without your iPhone nearby, since it features its own cellular connection (identified by its red Digital Crown button). Apple also announced the arrival of iOS 11, which was released last Tuesday with changes to the iPad and redesigns to Control Center, Notification Center, and core apps like the App Store, News and Siri.

New Year’s Resolutions: Take 2

With the end of March approaching fast, what goals have you achieved since you decided to create your New Year’s resolution in January?

By: Chris Acampora and Kristen Plahn

Why do people all over the country choose January 1st as the day to start improving themselves? There are 365 days in a year, but as Americans, we always choose this day. Why is that? Aside from being the start of the year, the date has no significance. Research shows that 42 percent of New Year’s Resolutions end in failure. That is a lot of failure. How can we improve on our resolutions? The problem lies in the reason we created our News Year’s resolution in the first place.

New Year’s Resolution Facts

  • Every year 21 percent of Americans decide that their resolution is to lose weight and eat healthier

  • Other common resolutions include money management and spending time with family and friends

Why They Fail

The number one reason your New Year’s Resolutions fail is because you — like everyone else in America — set an unrealistic goal on an arbitrary date so other people can see that you’re improving yourself. The problem is, well, this doesn’t work!

People feel inclined to come up with New Year’s resolutions based on the fear of not having one, instead of wanting to achieve the actual goal.   They also create them in hopes of sharing them with others. The science behind this shows why this model fails. If you share your goal with another person, it is scientifically proven you’re less likely to achieve that goal. When you share your resolution with someone else, your brain gets the feeling that you get from actually achieving the goal. When you share the goal, you lose motivation because the satisfaction of the resolution has already happened. You need to show other people your goal by achieving it.

How to Make Your Resolutions Stick

Just telling others about your resolution is counterproductive, but finding someone to partner with may be your best bet. If your resolution is one you can do with a friend, then you’ll be more likely to achieve it. Your fear of not fulfilling your end of the bargain will motivate you to stick with it. You and your friend will also be able to keep tabs on each other. If your goal is to be healthy, you could be active with a friend; if your goal is to do better in school, you could start a study group. No matter your goal, finding someone to do it with will always makes it more successful and fun along the way.

Also try not to make your goal unrealistic. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. If your goal is out of reach, you’ll likely feel discouraged and give up. Make sure the goal includes the steps you can take to achieve it. Being healthier isn’t very specific goal, but sticking to a healthy diet and going to bed at a certain time are concrete steps. Try to have goals that can be measured easily too, with concrete, easy- to-follow steps.

If You Don’t Succeed, Try Try Again

Ok, you can admit it, your New Year’s resolution failed. Being active every day turned into once a week, and you’re sneaking a doughnut into your coffee run in the morning. But it’s not too late. Now that you know some strategies for success, try again. Pick your own arbitrary date to start working toward your goal. Maybe start a St. Patrick’s Day resolution. And instead of falling into the New Year’s Resolution trap next January, set check ins, or split one goal into multiple smaller goals. You’ll feel good about yourself when you actual succeed this time

You can meet your goal this time, we believe in you! Maybe just don’t tell anybody about it this time, ok?!

News You Might Have Missed

During last week’s blizzard, you were probably more concerned with the weather forecast than the news. But a lot of important things happened. So here’s everything you need to know, that you might have missed during the three days we had off from the snowstorm.

Kellyanne Conway, Fox & Friends, Ethics Rules, Nordstrom, and Ivanka Trump— What Happened

When featured on Fox & Friends last Sunday, President Trump’s adviser Kellyanne Conway responded to Trump’s criticism that daughter Ivanka and her clothing line were treated “unfairly” by Nordstrom when the store dropping her line. Nordstrom responded, issuing a statement that they have a great relationship with Ivanka, and only ceased to sell her line for business reasons (most likely poor sales). Conway refused to believe that, and argued the company is doing this to irritate President Trump. What she did wrong was suggest that viewers “go out and buy Ivanka’s stuff,” which she was scolded for, as it breaks government ethics rules. These rules say that officials shouldn’t use their position to advertise. TJ Maxx, Marshall’s and Burlington Coat Factory’s website followed Nordstrom’s direction and stopped selling Ivanka’s clothes as well.

Trump Meets With More World Leaders

Trump had talks with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe in Palm Beach, Fla., and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at the White House. He told Abe that “We [The U.S.] are committed to the security of Japan” and that the relationship between the United States and Japan is “very crucial.” Trump spent his time with Trudeau talking about the importance of women in the workplace and the need for a good relationship between the two countries. Trump also met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, when they talked about the ideas of a two-state and one-state solution for Israel. All his meetings seemed to go smoothly, but the media seems to be more concerned with his talks with Putin after the election, and the strange handshake between him and Trudeau.

Trump’s strange handshake between him and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at the White House Sunday afternoon

Adele Wins Four Awards At the 59th Annual Grammy Awards

The 59th annual Grammy Awards show was an especially good night for Adele. She won Record of the Year, Album of The Year, Song of the Year, and Best Pop Vocal Album, all for her song “Hello” and its respective album, 25. The controversy surrounding the event seems to be that Beyoncé was overlooked for Album of the Year. But Beyoncé didn’t go home empty -handed, winning Best Music Video for her song “Formation,” and Best Urban Contemporary Album for Lemonade. She even got half a Grammy from Adele, who broke hers in half and said she wanted to share it and that she is a “major Beyoncé fan.” Other notable wins include Drake’s “Hotline Bling” for Best Rap/Sung Performance, and Best Rap Song; Twenty One Pilots’ “Stressed Out” for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance; and The Chainsmokers’ and Daya’s “Don’t Let Me Down” for Best Dance Recording. Both Adele and Beyoncé preformed at the show, Adele running into some technical difficulties when she had to restart her tribute to George Michael, who died in December. Not surprisingly, throughout the night many of the stars got political in their performances—which is a shame, because it should be a fun night.

Saturday Night Live Continues to Mock Trump and White House

In his 17th time hosting Saturday Night Live, Alec Baldwin played his most well-known character, Donald Trump. The show also included a reappearance of Melissa McCarthy as White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer. Before the show Rosie O’Donnell offered to play the role of Steve Bannon, the White House’s Chief Strategist, and changed her Twitter profile picture to one of her made up as Bannon. But SNL chose to use a grim reaper for the part. This episode mostly focused on Trump’s travel ban and Spicer’s ‘passive aggressive’ press conferences.

One skit was based on Trump going on a TV court show to fight the judges who overturned his travel ban. (Remember his tweet “See you in court” after the decision.) The show criticized him for being a “TV President,” and had the judge in the courtroom wishing for one day without “a CNN report scaring the hell” out of her.

Trump’s Cabinet- Adds 5 and Subtracts 1

Trump’s cabinet has slowly started taking form. He has filled five positions including Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price, Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin, and Secretary Veteran Affairs David Shulkin. The most controversial in the Senate seemed to be DeVos, whose vote resulted in a tie that had to be broken by Vice President Mike Pence. (Although Senator Elizabeth Warren had her own controversy when fellow senators silenced her in Congress when opposing Sessions.)

The one who is definitely getting the most attention from the media is Michael Flynn, who was President Trump’s National Security Adviser, until he resigned . Sean Spicer, the White House Press Secretary, said Flynn resigned because of a trust issue, after lying to Vice President Mike Pence about talks with Russian officials about lifting sanctions. Spicer also said that Trump had known about the issue for two weeks before insisting that Flynn resign. Pence had only recently been made aware of the issue. Flynn also had other ties to Russia, strong enough that critics argued they could result in him being blackmailed by the country. This is the latest event to unfold in the “Trump-Russia Conspiracy” saga. Flynn’s replacement is now Keith Kellogg, a person who had served as a part of Trump’s transition team for defense, and before that, a foreign policy adviser for his campaign. The media is still questioning Trump and his administration’s ties with Russia.

20 Moments From An Election We’ll Never Forget

This year’s presidential election has been one of the nastiest ever. What was once a comparison of candidates based on policies has turned into a mud-slinging bully session. Candidates are roasting other candidates. But the people who are really getting burned are the American people,  left to pick between “Crooked” Hillary Clinton and “Loose Cannon” Donald Trump. While you may not have decided who you’re rooting for in this election, here are 20 things about the campaign that you’ll never forget.

1. Trump calls Jeb Bush “low energy”

Donald Trump started to be grab attention with outrageous comments at the Republican primary debates. His first famous comment was calling Jeb Bush “low energy.” This started the downfall of Bush’s campaign. Many people thought he was certain to get the Republican nomination, but that all started to unravel when Trump went on the attack.

2. Trump’s “robot impression”

Early in the campaign, Trump got a lot of attention for, well, just being weird. (Who even says ‘China’ like that anyway?). He got a lot of attention for his, apparent, robot impression. “You know what that is, right?” I don’t think anyone knew what that was. (See also: the many remixes of ‘bing bong’).

3. Marco Rubio is Dubbed “Little Marco”

Trump made up names for many of his opponents in the Republican primaries. “Little Marco” was his best work. The feud between the two later degenerating into a debate about “hand size.”  Trump’s attacks were said by many to be responsible for eliminating Rubio, Bush and eventually, “Lyin’” Ted Cruz.

4. Bernie Releases His First Ad

Something positive in the election had finally happened. Bernie Sanders aired his first commercial. For once, a political ad didn’t attack someone and try to use scare tactics. It had good values and just showed, well, America. Whether you liked Bernie Sanders or not, it’s hard to deny that this was definitely a feel-good kind of commercial.

5. Clinton Takes A Bathroom Break Mid-Debate

Defiantly proving she is just like the rest of us, Hillary made a dash for the bathroom during the commercial break of one debate against Bernie Sanders (and Martin O’Malley, but he didn’t get to say much). She didn’t make it back until after the show resumed. Luckily someone who was actually on the stage was asked the next question.

6. Jeb Bush Begs People to Clap

After Trump humiliated Bush at the Republican primary debates, Bush’s campaign was over. He definitely didn’t go out with a bang, begging his audience to clap for him at one of his campaign rallies. How sad. Just look at the audience’s faces.

7. Bernie is Tired of Hillary’s “Damn Emails”

Bernie and Hillary could both agree on one thing. They had heard enough about Clinton’s emails. Hillary seemed very glad to see someone move on from the touchy subject. Although with the recent scandal just a days before the polls open, Bernie may have spoken too soon.

8. Trump Offers to Pay Legal Bills of People Who Take Out Rioters at His Rallies

After multiple incidents of violence at Trump events, the candidate told his supporters to “knock the crap” out of  protesters interrupting the rally. He even promised to pay their legal fees if there was any trouble, something which he later denied saying. Since then, it has been found that some protesters were paid by Hillary’s campaign disrupt the rallies.

9. Clinton Gets Pneumonia

After people started to wonder about both candidate’s health, Hillary was seen being carried into a van after leaving a 9/11 memorial. This only fueled the fire of critics who argued she was in poor health. A conspiracy theory that Clinton had seizures began to take hold. The theory, obviously, has never been proven correct.

10. Hispanic Woman Loves Trump

After Trump was repeatedly criticized for discriminating against Hispanics, this woman was called to stage at one of his rallies. Unfortunately for Trump, this woman who shows her love for the candidate seems to be a rare find . . . and actually comes off a little creepy.

11. Melania’s Familiar Speech

At the Republican National Convention, Trump’s wife Melania gave a speech that sounded a little too similar to one Michelle Obama had made eight years earlier. The speech was not plagiarized, but written by the same writer, who felt very badly about the incident and apologized.

12. Clinton Calls Trump Supporters “Deplorables”

At a campaign event, Hillary  said that Trump’s supporters could be put “in a basket of deplorables.” The comment sparked outrage from Trump’s camp. I won’t say any more, as I’m sure most people have heard it played a thousand times.

13. Trump Threatens to Put Clinton in Jail

Trump completely lost it at the second presidential debate, saying that when he is elected president, he would investigate Hillary’s emails to determine whether she should be in jail. This was definitely the most shocking moment of the debate.

14. Ken Bone is the Debate Hero America Needs

Ken Bone won his fame for seemingly no reason, with a question in the town hall-style debate about energy policy. The debate was hardly taken seriously, as the second most talked about moment was the fly that kept landing on Clinton’s face.

15. Singing Makes Everything Better

To distract people from the two horrible choices they had for president after the second debate, an Internet user created a hilarious lip sync of the two candidates. While they might have been having the “the time of their lives,” America was biting its nails trying to decide between the lesser of two evils.

16. Hillary is Very Proud of Herself for Saying “Trumped Up Trickle Down”

When comparing policies at the first presidential debate, Clinton seemed very proud of herself for coming up with the idea that Trump’s economic plan would be a “trumped-up trickle down.” Just the smile on her face when nobody was laughing was awkward enough. When she later repeated the term at the third debate, there was still no reaction from the audience. Oh well, Hillary, I guess you can’t land them all.

17. Trump warns Americans of the possible 400 pound man hacking our government

When talking about a Wikileaks release of Clinton campaign emails, Trump told people he had no idea where the attack originated from. Countering the Democrats’ theory that the Russian government was behind the leak, Trump argued that, for all he knows, it could have been done by a 400 pound man hacking the government from his bed. Odd choice of words.

18. Trump at the Third Debate

Trump had a crazy third debate. He left the American people in suspense about whether he would accept the results if he lost the election, called Hillary a “nasty woman,” and warned the American people there are “bad hombres” coming over the border. He had sad himself earlier, “the shackles are off.”

19. Ted Cruz’s “Hotline Bling”


After Ted Cruz lost the Republican nomination, he eventually, reluctantly, supported Trump (after telling voters to ‘vote their conscience’). Here he can be seen campaigning for Trump, but very depressed.

20. Hilarity Ensues at Charity Dinner

At the Al Smith Charity Dinner, Trump and Clinton seemed to get along great, both of them poking fun at the other. It was nice to get a break from the usual cut-throat attitude that has characterized the rest of the race. It was definitely a great way to end the election as it will probably be the last time they are seen together in public.

The positive thing is the election is almost over. Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 8th. Luckily, Hanover High School has the day off so we can all mourn the fate of the country no matter who wins.

Why Do Today What You Can Put Off ‘Til Tomorrow?

By: Kristen Plahn and Chris Acampora

It is a week before the project is due, you’ve gotten all the supplies and are ready to get down to business and suddenly something catches your eye. It could be your phone, the TV, even your laptop. Suddenly the project that was once your main priority has gone to the back of your mind; it’s still there, just causing you a little bit of stress.

Now it’s been a full week of doing anything but that project. You become anxious, wanting t to do anything but that project, yet at the same time you know you have to. So, you pull out all those supplies, the rubric, the instructions, the notes, and then you have a small panic attack, knowing it’ll become another all-nighter like last time. When you finally finish at around three in the morning, giving yourself a measly two hours of down time, you scold yourself with one little word: procrastinator.

Yes, that is what you are (and don’t you deny it): a procrastinator. Maybe someday you’ll learn to just do your work and get everything done ahead of time, but for now, you’ll continue to put things off as long as you can.

Are YOU a Procrastinator? Do you:

1) Leave everything for the night before it is due?

2) Think that instead of looking up information, playing a game would be better?

3) Read a 500 page book and then write a three page essay about it in one night?

4) Get a panic attack just thinking about all the work you need to do?

5) Find that working under pressure helps you achieve your goal quicker?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you, my friend, are a procrastinator!

Wikipedia defines procrastination as “the avoidance of doing a task that needs to be accomplished. (often accompanied by) the practice of doing more pleasurable things in place of less pleasurable ones, or carrying out less urgent tasks instead of more urgent ones, thus putting off impending tasks to a later time.”

Some people become “pro procrastinators,” where their long history of procrastinating teaches them the skills they need to complete a weeklong project in one night, a monthlong essay in an afternoon, and a 400 page book in a weekend. The biggest aid to procrastination is holidays. Weeklong breaks, Thanksgiving and Halloween are the biggest culprits. Just think, you have to read that book over winter vacation. There’s snow, festivities, and so much to do; reading Charles Dickens suddenly becomes a lot less interesting.

There’s also the type of procrastination where, even on a fun project, you know you’ll have time to do it later. Always later.

Some teachers have found the dagger to stab in the heart of procrastination: check-in dates. It’s the simple solution to procrastination. Some who don’t struggle with procrastination may find these to be a nuisance, but these deadlines can save those of us who otherwise would put off everything until the final due date. We suggest that if your teacher doesn’t give you multiple due dates, create your own. The procrastinator in your mind won’t thank you, but maybe your tired body — weary of yet another all-nighter — will.

Forget the Presidential Debate, GIF vs JIF is the One We Care About

By: Chris Acampora – Featuring Kristen Plahn for team ‘GIF’


This article is best viewed at to see GIFs in their full glory. (But we still love you if you’re reading this in print)

Everyone has seen a GIF. Even if you think you haven’t, you have.

keyboard-cat dancing-banana

C’mon. You’ve have to admit you’ve seen these before.

The Internet has is very serious with GIFs. Even Google Docs recognizes the GIF. (Although I wouldn’t put one on your next essay for English class).

GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format. It was created almost 30 years ago (seriously, it’s that old) by Steve Wilhite. Its purpose was to achieve “video” but load quickly on the slow Internet speeds of the past. It is accomplished using lossless compression, a technique where file size is shrunk, while still retaining good image quality.

The GIF, though, has been plagued by a raging debate. Is it pronounced ‘gif’ or ‘jif’? The debate over the pronunciation of GIF has ruined lives, marriages and friendships, so it needs to stop. That is why today we have decided to try to put an end to it.

Team Soft G: Chris


Wilhite, while accepting a lifetime achievement award in 2013, told The New York Times how annoyed he was over the pronunciation debate. “The Oxford English Dictionary accepts both definitions. They are wrong. It is a soft ‘G,” pronounced ‘jif.”

The guy has a lifetime achievement award. You should respect his creation! A lot of things don’t sound like they are written: pneumonia, aisle, tsunami, xylophone, eight . . . to name a few.

‘Gif’ people are such hypocrites. The most common image file, the .JPEG, stands for Joint Photographic Expert Group.  Since the “ph” in photographic is pronounced like an “F,” then people who say ‘gif’ should say ‘jfeg,’ right? But they don’t.

Team Hard G: Kristen


GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format. Look closely at the first word: graphics. How is graphics pronounced? With a hard ‘G’. If you need more proof than that, just look at almost all of the one-syllable words that start with the letter ‘G’, like guy, gum, gun, gain, grain, game, gift . . . I could go on. In one poll by The Los Angeles Times, more than 60 percent of people pronounced the word with a hard ‘G’ sound! To understand how GIF came to be pronounced as ‘JIF,’ you can look back to Wilhite saying that the only reason he wanted to pronounce it as ‘JIF’ was because of the peanut butter company! If the company Jif was never created, then GIF would be only pronounced with a hard ‘G’.


The final answer to this debate is up to YOU, the Reader. Will you pick team ‘GIF’ or ‘JIF?’ Use the arguments here, and the further reading listed below, to make your decision. The only way to come to a world-wide decision and finally settle the issue is to get people passionate about your side. What is written here doesn’t matter if YOU, the Reader, don’t pick side. So go ahead. Make a choice. . . Tell us your answer in the comments.

Sources & Further Reading