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SENIORS: The future of the Class of 2019

By Tim Sullivan

Staff Writer

As the school year comes to a close, it is natural for seniors to reflect on their high school experiences and look forward to what the future holds. Many members of the Class of 2019 plan to further their education in college, while others will enter the workforce or the Armed Forces. No matter their plans, all anxiously await the new opportunities that will come, including living away from home and experiencing a new level of freedom. 

Alex Stacy is going to UMass Amherst and is most excited to listen to Ariana Grande. She is also looking forward to the food and gaining some knowledge along the way. Sarissa Fazio will join her there, eager to play hockey and have a different schedule. On campus, they may run into Mikayla Chabot, who is looking forward to more freedom, and Siofra Carty, who is excited to build lifelong friendships and explore the world.

Aidan Benway will study entrepreneurship at Suffolk University and is looking forward to living on his own and meeting new people.  Same with Gage Gosule, who is excited for the freedom that comes with living away from home, and Ryan Morgan, who will study business. 

Megan Finnigan is going to Bryant University and is most excited about starting a new college life. She may run into Ben Fein, Jason Bishop and Will Clarkson, who will study business while taking advantage of their newfound independence. Ben is excited to meet new people and see new places.

Matt McLeod will head to Roger Williams University to pursue computer science. He is excited about a “change of scenery.” James Clarkson will join him, playing basketball and studying business.

Kayla Mullane will attend Endicott College and is excited about becoming more independent. Olivia Reddish will join her there, and can’t wait for the dining hall experience.

Caroline Gordon will attend Fairfield University and is looking forward to a change of pace and getting used to a new environment. She’ll be joined by Emily Babin, who is “super pumped” to explore new careers and paths to figure out what she wants to do in the future. Alex McFarland will be on campus as well, studying Education and English.

Anna McCarthy will attend Merrimack College next year and can’t wait to step out of her comfort zone and learn how to be independent. On campus, she may see Kat Lawrence, who is super excited to make some new friends, and Julie Moran, who can’t wait to dive into her Exercise Science major. Matt Jenkins  looks forward to the social life there as he studies Sports Management.

Braden Glynn will study Elementary Education at Westfield State and looks forward to meeting new people. Among the familiar faces will be Zach DeBoer, who will pursue Criminal Justice.

Bee Lee is attending Bridgewater State University and plans on studying business. Lindsay Maslow also will study business, but at Rider University. She is excited to live in New Jersey, a new state for her. Erin Flynn is heading to Marist College.  Abby Cummings and Maggie Munroe will study engineering at Worcester Polytech. 

Cooper Dawson will attend Syracuse University to study International Relations. Bridget Fairweather will attend Emmanuel College to study Forensic Science. Kayleigh McEachern will study nursing at Curry College and is eager to “finally study something I’m excited about.” Maeve McCarthy will attend Providence College to study marketing. Jake Laprise is going to Wheaton College. 

While many students are excited for the freedom college will bring, others are heading for more structure at Mass Maritime Academy. Dan Tiedtke is looking forward to playing rugby and becoming more organized. Joe Petrocelli is expecting more freedom after graduation. Pat McDonald looks forward to “making money after graduation.”

Some students will be traveling far from Hanover after graduation. Emily Sullivan will attend Clemson University and can’t wait for the football games!  Liam Sadek is heading to Georgia Tech to study Material Sciences and Engineering and looking forward to a change of weather. Mady Rossi will  study pre-med at the University of South Florida in Miami. Sam O’Grady will study at the University of Colorado, Boulder, where he looks forward to three more months of skiing than he can get in New England. Karly Bruder is heading to Wake Forest University in North Carolina and is excited to experience a new part of the country. Wes Notorangelo will study business at Nashville’s Lipscomb University. Julia Varraso will attend Catholic University in Washington, D.C. Julia Leskow will study at the University of Alabama. Drew Marriner will be traveling to the University of Montana to study Wildlife Biology.

Many students are excited for opportunities to go even farther away from home through study abroad programs. Harry O’Brien and Ethan DaSilva will head to Northeastern University, where their college experience will begin this August in London. Caitlin Parker will spend part of her sophomore year at Sacred Heart University studying in Australia. Jake Dares will travel to Madrid for his freshman year of Suffolk University.

Some students are joining the workforce, including Tom May, while others, like Jonathan Trubiano, are considering the military.  Brendan Murray has been training in preparation for joining the Marines. Alec McArthur will enter an apprenticeship to become an electrician. He’s most excited about “not having debt from college.”

Steve Manolakis will be taking a gap year before entering Ohio State University. He plans to work and train in gymnastics full time in hopes of earning a spot on the college team.

Mrs. McCusker: Reading is Key to her History

By Tim Sullivan

Mrs. McCusker’s love for books goes beyond simply reading in her free time. When she was a student in high school, she had her own personal “library” and would lend books to her friends! She went to Apponequet High School in Lakeville, a place she says has nothing but “farmers and cranberry bogs.” She spent most of her time in high school playing field hockey, basketball and softball.

Mrs. McCusker didn’t always want to be a teacher. She originally thought she wanted to do something directly related to books, majoring in business at Syracuse University. She worked in retail after graduation and eventually went back to school to get her Master’s degree in history and library science. After working as a librarian in Newton, she had a connection in Hanover and became the librarian for Center/Sylvester Elementary School. She was the Hanover High School librarian for many years, and then became a history teacher. Currently, she teaches junior World History and senior Humanities.

Along with her love for books, Mrs. McCusker loves history. She enjoys reading and speaking about it, and wakes up every day excited to share her passion with her students. Instead of focusing on facts and figures alone, she would rather make connections through history and create an environment in her classroom where students feel like they can “communicate and share ideas (and) voice their opinions.” She wants her students to leave her class prepared for college, skilled in taking notes, writing, synthesizing information and identifying main ideas.

Mrs. McCusker is married to a Curry College professor and has two children. She spends a lot of her free time on the sidelines watching her children play sports and she loves it, especially soccer. Her favorite television show is called “Men in Blazers,” a British broadcast of soccer highlights. She loves to travel with her family and usually starts her summers off that way. Both she and her husband don’t “do well” with summer, she said; they like having a schedule. After they travel, visit with family, and make a few trips to the Museum of Fine Arts, they get pretty bored. Mrs. McCusker tries to take a new class each summer as she believes it’s important to keep learning as you are teaching. Last year, she studied Islamic Art, and the year before, it was Colonial Africa. She takes pride in knowing the World History classes she teaches today touch on a wide range of places and not just the European and American history she learned in high school.

One of her favorite days of the year is September 1st, right before school begins. She thinks it’s sort of like a “second New Year’s Day,” another opportunity for a fresh start; most jobs don’t come with this luxury. Over the years, she’s found inspiration from her close friend and colleague, retired English teacher Mr. Hopkins, admiring the way he always sees the positive in everyone and believes every day is a new day. Mr. Hopkins would never say a bad thing about anybody, Mrs. McCusker said, and that is how she wants to live her life. She also pointed out that even though he taught a lot of the same material for over 30 years, he would never complain about reteaching the same book, instead, he saw the best in it and found something new about it every time.

YEAR IN REVIEW: Tea Time with Tim

By Tim Sullivan

2019 has finally arrived! The new year brings a fresh start for everyone and gives us a chance to reflect on the events that took place last year. There were a lot of memorable moments from the entertainment world in 2018, dare I say, a lot of tea . . .

Famous Births 

Arguably the most talked about pregnancy of the year was Kylie Jenner. Although rumors abounded, she and boyfriend Travis Scott kept it a secret right up until their daughter, Stormi, was born. The news was finally broken on Feb. 4,  three days after birth. Scott and Jenner are still together.

Across the pond, Prince Louis, the third child of Prince William and Duchess Kate, was born April 23. The royal couple has an older son and daughter.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West also had their third child, a baby girl named Chicago, on Jan. 15.

Famous Deaths 

Sadly we lost some of the greats in the last year, from the pioneer of comic books to a critically acclaimed rapper.

Aretha Franklin “Queen of Soul,” 3/25/52 – 8/16/18

Burt Reynolds Actor, Oscar Nominee,  2/11/36 – 9/6/18

Stan Lee Marvel Comics Creator, Appeared in Marvel Films, 12/28/22 – 11/12/18

Penny Marshall Actress, Director, 10/15/43 – 12/17/18

Anthony Bourdain Chef, Televison Personality,  6/25/56 – 6/8/18

Mac Miller Rapper, 1/19/92 – 6/7/18

Stand-outs on Screen 

This year’s blockbusters included “Crazy Rich Asians,” “Avengers: Infinity War,” “Incredibles 2,” “Black Panther,” and, my personal favorite, “Bohemian Rhapsody.” These films crushed the box office, earning anywhere from $200,000 all the way to well over $1,000,000,000. One of the biggest names in TV Shows this year was Sandra Oh in “Killing Eve.” She was also the first Asian-American woman to be nominated for an Emmy for outstanding lead actress in a drama series, according to Vail Daily.

High Risers on the Music Charts 

Childish Gambino, Cardi B, and, of course, Ariana Grande released some of the most notable tunes of 2018. These include “I Like it,” “This is America” and my personal favorite, “Thank you, Next.” Artists like Drake, Post Malone, Camilla Cabello, and Shawn Mendes also topped the charts.

Scandals in Entertainment 

There was more to talk about this past year than just Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson breaking up; some serious scandals also occurred in 2018.

Tristan Thompson got caught red-handed on video cheating on pregnant girlfriend Khloe Kardashian just as the star was about to give birth. After their daughter, True, was born, the two stars decided to work it out and are still together, healing for the sake of their family.

Roseanne Barr’s reboot of her popular sitcom “Roseanne” was quickly canceled following a racist tweet that Barr sent out about one of President Obama’s former staff members. ABC claimed that her tweet was quite inconsistent with their values and something like that could not just slide by. The show attempted to continue without her by killing off her character.

Demi Lovato, who has struggled with addiction for years and gotten clean several times, almost lost her life this year. After being brought back from overdose with Narcan, Lovato entered rehab and is now well over 90 days sober.


The last topic of Tea for 2018 is Marriages, and this past year we had a lot! All of these couples seem very happy and I wish them the best for the future.

Prince Harry and Former Hollywood star Meghan Markle tied the knot in May.

Supermodel Karlie Kloss and Joshua Kushner got married last October.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin had a whirlwind love story that ended up with the two married in 2018, exact date unknown.

Just before Christmas on Dec. 23, on-again off-again couple Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth finally exchanged vows.

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra also got married in December.

2018 was packed with events, births, deaths, and media that rocked the entertainment world! This past year was totally one to remember and no one knows what 2019 will bring. Will the teapot fill with new scandals? Only time will tell.

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HHS Gets into Holiday Spirit

By Tim Sullivan

As Hanover High School prepared for the long-awaited holiday break, Student Council tried to bring some holiday cheer into the building with fun dress up days to give everyone a final push! Since Christmas was on a Tuesday this year, we had a full week before we were released for the break. Five whole days. This was the first year in a long time where Student Council had to come up with five different spirit days. This year, the themes were:

Monday: Holiday Accessory Day

Tuesday: Christmas in July (Hawaiian Theme)

Wednesday: Winter Wonderland (All White)

Thursday: Ugly Sweater Day

Friday: Christmas Pajama Day

Everyone seemed to get into the spirit, especially when it came to the chance to wear pajamas to school. Hope everyone had a wonderful break!

What is Hanover High Thankful for this Year?

Staff writers Juli Cocomazzi and Tim Sullivan asked some of their classmates to describe in a few words what they were thankful for this year. They got some pretty interesting responses! Read below.

Hope Thurston is thankful for everything! She’s getting a car really soon and is thankful that she won’t be paying for it. She has a really good relationship with her mom and her hair is really thick and healthy, she loves it.

Paige McKee is thankful for her good health and her friendships.

Alex Brennan is thankful for his friends and family, along with his house.

Peyton Curvels is thankful for her family and her good health.

Davis Dunphy is thankful for backwards, upside down visors, and that we won the Cold War.

Meghan Collett is thankful for just about everything in her life.

Jenna Healy is super thankful! She’s thankful for her friends and family, her health, and Thanksgiving dinner.

Jules Dunderdale is thankful for her supportive family and for the troops! Join her brand new Students for Soldiers club if you feel the same way; she would be extra thankful for your support!

Braden Glynn is thankful for his family and friends.

Rori Jenkins is wicked thankful for her dog and her cat.

Lauren Cockey is thankful for all the wonderful teachers at Hanover High School.

Channing Miller is thankful for the Thanksgiving break and all the food that comes with Thanksgiving!

Lexi Rynning is thankful for her friends and family, and especially her dog.

Bella Craft is thankful for her amazing mom and her dog, Fifi.

Erin Halpin is thankful for her friends and family.  

Ben Lee is thankful for his bestie, Aria Sweeney.  

Mikayla Chabot is thankful for her dog, her friends and her family.

Caleigh McCloskey is thankful for her two beautiful dogs and wonderful teachers.

Kayla Mullane is super thankful for Student Council and her friends and family.

Sophie Picard is thankful for the great responses to the tasty baking treats she sells at HHS.

Anthony Pierotti is thankful for Hilliard’s Chocolate.

Olivia Reddish is thankful for RunKeeper, the exercise app, and for her gym power walks with her besties.

Alex Stacy is thankful for “Thank U, Next.”

Emily Tuzik is thankful for her awesome volleyball team.

Dom Cerone is thankful for Mrs. Martin. “She’s my favorite teacher because she always says hi to me in the halls.”

Ellie Hardman is thankful for the opportunities she’s been given her whole life.


Robotics Club: Your New Extracurricular?

By Tim Sullivan

Hanover High School offers many different extracurricular clubs to allow students to become more involved in the school community. I sat down with two long-time members of the Robotics club: juniors Adam Giordani and Nick Colaw (pictured above) to find out what this club is all about and what it means to them.

The Robotics club aims to create a “fun atmosphere that allows you to work on your problem-solving and team-building skills along with your friends,” Adam said. The club gets together twice a week, every Tuesday and Thursday, after school in adviser Mrs. Borgeson’s room (116).

The whole year builds up to one big tournament in the spring called BotBall. Held at UMass Lowell, it’s a competition between schools and their robots. The majority of time spent at their meetings is used to build their course and program their robot for this competition. Last spring Hanover had its best performance at BotBall and the club is hoping to improve even more this year.

BotBall requires a lot of fundraising throughout the school year, Nick and Adam explained. Last month, the club had a very successful car wash outside of HHS. Mrs. Borgeson also applies for grants to help cover the costs of competing, which average around $4,000 when you consider entry fees, new robots and building materials. Keep a lookout for their next fundraiser: personalized holiday ornaments which will go on sale in the next month.

“Robotics gives me a chance to work with robots and that is something I believe is very prevalent in today’s society,” Nick said. “Some valuable life skills can be learned in this club with the age of technology that we are living in.”

If any of this sounds appealing, Robotics may be the new extra-curricular for you! Robotics always welcomes new members and no previous experience is required. Nick and Adam look forward to anyone who reads this article and feels inspired to join them!

Photo from Hanover Mariner 

Tea Time with Tim: Ariana Grande & Pete Davidson Split

By Tim Sullivan

In a new segment for the HHS Indian, I’ll “spill the tea” on current pop culture news and drama.

Yes, after just four months of engagement, Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson have reportedly called it all off. I can’t say I’m surprised that their whirlwind relationship has reached its end. In both celebrities’ defense, this could have been caused by recent, unforeseen events; but, was it ever meant to be?

Grande, the talented singer, and Davidson, a Saturday Night Live performer, first met on the set of SNL when Grande hosted the show a few years ago. The singer claimed she had a huge crush on him even then, and that she was going to marry him one day. Her dream almost became a reality after a (very quick) engagement led to a jam-packed summer of romance and PDA. Unfortunately, the courtship was followed by a breakup, not a wedding.

Image from ET. Grande and Davidson first meet on the set of SNL.

Davidson proposed to Grande in June with a $100,000 ring after just a few weeks of dating. The two moved in together into Ariana’s $16 million apartment in New York, according to E!News. They were constantly getting iced coffee together (pictured below), and always out in public just having a good time. Before long, they had a pet pig named PiggySmallz, whose Instagram account quickly grew to almost half a million followers. (yes, a pig’s account) They talked about their relationship on several late night shows and in radio interviews. In one, Pete proclaimed that he was “the luckiest guy in the world” when Ariana said yes to him.

A Pinterest Photograph

Throughout the short-lived relationship, the celebrities faced doubtful “haters” on Twitter and other social media sites who claimed their relationship wouldn’t last. Some even called it a publicity stunt. Whether the doubters were right all along, or if the love was indeed true until recent events, is up for debate.

No one can deny that Grande has had a very hard past year and a half. On May 22, 2017, a terrorist attack occurred at one of her Dangerous Woman Tour concerts in Manchester, England. This senseless attack took the lives of 23 people including the bomber. After Grande held a very successful benefit concert, she continued her tour and followed it up with some much needed time off from social media and the public spotlight. She needed time to heal. Grande met another tough month this past May when she and rapper Mac Miller ended things after two years of dating. The breakup was reportedly caused in part by Mac’s issues with addiction. Not long after their breakup, Grande found love with Davidson and it looked like she was finally catching a break. At the same time, though, Miller began spiraling out of control, crashed his car and received a DUI. When  Miller passed away in early September, Grande went into a panic. She was attacked on social media by thousands of awful comments that blamed her for Miller’s death. As a result, she disabled the comment function on all her Instagram photographs.

Could this be the cause of Grande and Davidson’s breakup? Was it all just too much at once for it to work out? I think so. I believe that Ariana and Pete were madly in love at the beginning of their relationship and did intend to marry each other. I think they moved way faster than normal but it was because they had found love at first sight. After Miller’s death, I think Grande was reminded of her haunting past and needed more time to heal and focus on herself. She can’t spontaneously plan her future with this guy when she hasn’t repaired the damage that has been done to her mental health in the past year and a half. On top of that, she recently released her fourth studio album and has enough on her plate with just that.

In the end, I think this whole whirlwind love story with Grande and Davidson was quite out of the ordinary. Although I was rooting for them to stay together, I think they made the right decision. They realized they weren’t ready and didn’t want to rush into their futures, and I respect them for making this decision knowing there would be thousands of “I called it” and “I told you so” comments from doubters. I fully support Ariana in her healing journey and hope she is able to spend the time that she needs on herself after quite a rollercoaster of a year and a half.