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Robotics Club: Your New Extracurricular?

By Tim Sullivan

Hanover High School offers many different extracurricular clubs to allow students to become more involved in the school community. I sat down with two long-time members of the Robotics club: juniors Adam Giordani and Nick Colaw (pictured above) to find out what this club is all about and what it means to them.

The Robotics club aims to create a “fun atmosphere that allows you to work on your problem-solving and team-building skills along with your friends,” Adam said. The club gets together twice a week, every Tuesday and Thursday, after school in adviser Mrs. Borgeson’s room (116).

The whole year builds up to one big tournament in the spring called BotBall. Held at UMass Lowell, it’s a competition between schools and their robots. The majority of time spent at their meetings is used to build their course and program their robot for this competition. Last spring Hanover had its best performance at BotBall and the club is hoping to improve even more this year.

BotBall requires a lot of fundraising throughout the school year, Nick and Adam explained. Last month, the club had a very successful car wash outside of HHS. Mrs. Borgeson also applies for grants to help cover the costs of competing, which average around $4,000 when you consider entry fees, new robots and building materials. Keep a lookout for their next fundraiser: personalized holiday ornaments which will go on sale in the next month.

“Robotics gives me a chance to work with robots and that is something I believe is very prevalent in today’s society,” Nick said. “Some valuable life skills can be learned in this club with the age of technology that we are living in.”

If any of this sounds appealing, Robotics may be the new extra-curricular for you! Robotics always welcomes new members and no previous experience is required. Nick and Adam look forward to anyone who reads this article and feels inspired to join them!

Photo from Hanover Mariner 

Tea Time with Tim: Ariana Grande & Pete Davidson Split

By Tim Sullivan

In a new segment for the HHS Indian, I’ll “spill the tea” on current pop culture news and drama.

Yes, after just four months of engagement, Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson have reportedly called it all off. I can’t say I’m surprised that their whirlwind relationship has reached its end. In both celebrities’ defense, this could have been caused by recent, unforeseen events; but, was it ever meant to be?

Grande, the talented singer, and Davidson, a Saturday Night Live performer, first met on the set of SNL when Grande hosted the show a few years ago. The singer claimed she had a huge crush on him even then, and that she was going to marry him one day. Her dream almost became a reality after a (very quick) engagement led to a jam-packed summer of romance and PDA. Unfortunately, the courtship was followed by a breakup, not a wedding.

Image from ET. Grande and Davidson first meet on the set of SNL.

Davidson proposed to Grande in June with a $100,000 ring after just a few weeks of dating. The two moved in together into Ariana’s $16 million apartment in New York, according to E!News. They were constantly getting iced coffee together (pictured below), and always out in public just having a good time. Before long, they had a pet pig named PiggySmallz, whose Instagram account quickly grew to almost half a million followers. (yes, a pig’s account) They talked about their relationship on several late night shows and in radio interviews. In one, Pete proclaimed that he was “the luckiest guy in the world” when Ariana said yes to him.

A Pinterest Photograph

Throughout the short-lived relationship, the celebrities faced doubtful “haters” on Twitter and other social media sites who claimed their relationship wouldn’t last. Some even called it a publicity stunt. Whether the doubters were right all along, or if the love was indeed true until recent events, is up for debate.

No one can deny that Grande has had a very hard past year and a half. On May 22, 2017, a terrorist attack occurred at one of her Dangerous Woman Tour concerts in Manchester, England. This senseless attack took the lives of 23 people including the bomber. After Grande held a very successful benefit concert, she continued her tour and followed it up with some much needed time off from social media and the public spotlight. She needed time to heal. Grande met another tough month this past May when she and rapper Mac Miller ended things after two years of dating. The breakup was reportedly caused in part by Mac’s issues with addiction. Not long after their breakup, Grande found love with Davidson and it looked like she was finally catching a break. At the same time, though, Miller began spiraling out of control, crashed his car and received a DUI. When  Miller passed away in early September, Grande went into a panic. She was attacked on social media by thousands of awful comments that blamed her for Miller’s death. As a result, she disabled the comment function on all her Instagram photographs.

Could this be the cause of Grande and Davidson’s breakup? Was it all just too much at once for it to work out? I think so. I believe that Ariana and Pete were madly in love at the beginning of their relationship and did intend to marry each other. I think they moved way faster than normal but it was because they had found love at first sight. After Miller’s death, I think Grande was reminded of her haunting past and needed more time to heal and focus on herself. She can’t spontaneously plan her future with this guy when she hasn’t repaired the damage that has been done to her mental health in the past year and a half. On top of that, she recently released her fourth studio album and has enough on her plate with just that.

In the end, I think this whole whirlwind love story with Grande and Davidson was quite out of the ordinary. Although I was rooting for them to stay together, I think they made the right decision. They realized they weren’t ready and didn’t want to rush into their futures, and I respect them for making this decision knowing there would be thousands of “I called it” and “I told you so” comments from doubters. I fully support Ariana in her healing journey and hope she is able to spend the time that she needs on herself after quite a rollercoaster of a year and a half.


Mrs. Pereira: HHS Students’ Biggest Cheerleader

Mrs. Pereira always knew she wanted to be a teacher. The hard part was figuring out what to teach and who to teach it to. She started her journey at UMass Dartmouth as a math major but then began to worry about what she would do with her major if she decided teaching wasn’t for her. She always wanted to have a backup plan, and so instead of majoring in math, she switched to accounting. If she didn’t like teaching, she thought, she could become an accountant. Lucky for us at Hanover High School, Mrs. P decided to teach older students because she knew she wanted kids of her own and thought it might be too much having little kids at home and at work. She is now in her 19th year at HHS, teaching business classes such as Marketing and Management and Accounting along with co-leading the Internship Program. Every year, Mrs. P also works hard to put on the “Credit for Life Fair” at HHS. This event helps students learn to make smart and safe decisions when saving, spending, and budgeting their money for the future.  

Mrs. Pereira in High School

Competitive cheerleading took up most of Mrs. P’s time at Somerset High School. Her team was ranked ninth in the country and even made an appearance on ESPN! (Fun fact: Mr. Perry and Mr. Faria also went to Somerset High School.) In addition to cheerleading, Mrs. P was involved in gymnastics, “The Future Teachers of America Club,” and National Honor Society.

Mrs. P strives to create an environment in her classroom where her students not only master the content but also work toward becoming a good person. Mrs. P wants her students to know that she genuinely cares about them, and can relate, understand and sympathize with them because of her own experiences. As funny as it sounds, Mrs. P means it when she says, “When I’m at school, you guys are my kids.”

Mrs. P has a lot going on in her life, and, like many teachers, her life is a constant balancing act between being a Mom and a Teacher. Luckily, she loves being busy and hates to be bored. She has a long commute to work every day from Fall River, and that gives her a lot of time in the car. She loves the time in the morning to wake up but can’t stand the ride home; as a result, she does very little driving on the weekends. In the summer, Mrs. P enjoys camping with her husband and three children: Olivia, Lila, and Georgia. Camping definitely isn’t for everyone, but spending a week in the outdoors with her family is one of the most relaxing places for Mrs. P. When she isn’t pitching a tent in the wilderness, her favorite travel spot is Maui, Hawaii. As far as her favorite things, she loves to exercise and is working to make that a priority again in her busy life. Mrs. P loves music and how it can make you feel different emotions or bring you back to a certain time in your life. She doesn’t really have a favorite food, but would much rather have real food then some type of dessert or candy.

Over the course of growing up, becoming a mother and going through life’s experiences, Mrs. P has found inspiration in different places. When she was a teenager, she looked up to her cheer coach who had two small children, a career, a coaching job, and had also gone back to school. She admired her drive and her success. As she got older, she grew to admire her grandmother, who had a very difficult life and yet raised 10 children mostly on her own. She didn’t understand how remarkable that was until she was a mom herself. Now that she’s older, there are so many people Mrs. P admires.

“I admire my own daughter who made the change from a small private school to a larger public middle school,” she said. “Middle school is not an easy time to be the new kid. And yet she’s running for student government. I admire her courage. I admire so many of my students for all of their accomplishments, big or small. I love hearing from them after they graduate. I admire other parents who have raised amazing kids. I admire people who persevere through some of the most heartbreaking, unimaginable events. I admire people who work hard, whether to do their jobs well or to make important changes in their lives.”  

Mrs. Pereira always has a smiling face in Room 205 and, as students, we all appreciate the energy and drive she brings to work every day. When asked to describe Mrs. P using only one word, some of her students responded with the words below:

Relatable, Generous, Funny, Real, Mom, Cop, Driven, Determined, Therapist, Heartwarming, Caring, Honest, Outgoing, Inspiring, Thoughtful, Kind