And to the Republic, For Which It Stands

As we all know, the arduous, straining journey of what was the 2016 Presidential election came to a close Tuesday night. Republican candidate Donald Trump pulled off a shocking upset, defeating Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and causing an uproar from every corner of our nation, from people of all types. My personal opinion resides on the side of the negative. I was never a huge Hillary supporter; however, if I had the opportunity to vote, I would have voted her over Mr. Trump 1,000 times out of 1,000. Many people know this; as this election has become a popular topic of discussion these last few months, I have shared my opinion when asked, and only when asked. I do not believe in starting political debates with my peers and family, especially during this election; the only thing that creates is animosity, and one side always seems unable or unwilling to accept the other’s views. However, I have received great reactions for my stand as a Democrat:

“You’re white; why are you a Democrat?”

“I thought Democrats were only poor people?”

“How are you not a Republican when you live in Hanover?”

“Are you stupid or are you joking?”

Yes, these are real responses, from real students, that I have received for my opinion. I have been on the receiving end of mocking for my candidate’s loss, for my choice of the “wrong” Presidential nominee ever since the campaign began, and even more so since the election concluded. I have even heard teachers, at my own school, outwardly mocking those for choosing the losing candidate, ridiculing their opinion. I have seen family members, friends, and peers post awful things about Democrats and those who voted for Hillary, bullying those who don’t share their opinion. As a human being, I would like to say that these actions are embarrassing, disgusting, and despicable. Is this the beginning of your plan to “Make America Great Again”? Your inability to respect your peers, colleagues, and fellow Americans is deplorable.

I have always believed, as long as you have a real reason, the candidate you like is the candidate you like; opinions are never wrong, and your personal preferences belong to you. I will never denounce someone for their opinion, as that is their right as an American, and I applaud those who truly know what they are preaching and stand behind it fully. However, many people seem to have forgotten this common courtesy recently, in their comments about the “deplorable, non-educated white voters,” “criminal-supporting idiots,” “moon-bats,” and “lazy sacks of sh*t” that voted for Hillary Clinton. To those of you who have said something along these lines, be ashamed of yourselves. That is not having a strong opinion; that is being an ignorant, inconsiderate person, with no respect to your fellow Americans and, more importantly, fellow human beings. My father has worked 14 hour days as a teacher and coach quite often; he is one of millions like him, who proudly call themselves Democrats. I will stand for those blue collar Americans who hold this country on their backs until the day I die.

Now, to our future President, Donald J. Trump:

I could go on about how we do not see eye to eye on our political views and about how I don’t think your unrealistic plans for office suffice; I could list statistics about the uneducated people who voted for you. However, I will not. The election is in the past now, and nothing I say in this will change its results. Also, I cannot judge your ability to run this country; you will not run our country until January, so as of now I have no basis to judge your ability as President. However, I have plenty of basis to judge you as a man. You have made several disturbing comments about women; too many to include in this article. You have belittled many popular women in our society, such as Angelina Jolie, Rosie O’Donnell, Anne Hathaway, Cher, and Heidi Klum, using adjectives such as “fat,” “gold digger,” “Miss Piggy,” and “tramp.” In your description of how to treat women, in an interview with New York Magazine, you replied “You have to treat ’em like sh*t.” You have belittled the Miss USA and Miss Universe competition, making them parade in front of you so you can get rid of the unattractive ones. This makes sense for your control of the competitions, however, as you said about them, “If you’re looking for a rocket scientist, don’t tune in tonight.” You’ve even made comments about underage women, using sexual innuendo to describe 10, 12, 14, and 17 year olds. My youngest sister is 10, and will spend her middle school years with you in office.

You have made countless comments about how worthless and despicable Mexicans are, specifically those who reside in our country illegally, doing jobs that pay under a dollar an hour, which no American citizen would ever do. You have brushed off matters of minority inequalities, belittled the Black Lives Matter movement, and made clear your anti-Muslim sentiments, and how they will be banned from this country in your time in office. You have used words of hate to destroy both your political and social opponents, never accepting their arguments, only using the tactics of a middle-school-bully to deprecate their characters.

With these traits, you managed to win the Presidential election, with an ability to persuade people that is quite unparalleled, if I may say. Now, your idiosyncrasies are on full display to the public, and will be for the next four years. My nephew, with eyes full of innocence, is 2 years old. My cousin, with the energy of a puppy, turned 6 this October. My sister, with a smile and happiness that seems to radiate around her, will turn 11 later this month. Do I want my nephew to hear the awful words you see on TV, to destroy those who merely disagree with you, and have to hear his mother call you our leader? Do I want my cousin to hear the demeaning tone you use to refer to minorities, as he approaches his beginning years of schooling, no doubt with children of minorities? Do I want my sister, as she grows into the person she will become, as she experiences middle school, to hear our President speak on women with such disgusting and deplorable tones, forcing her to reconsider her worth in today’s society? As a human being, Mr. Trump, I can never respect you, unless I see a change. I truly hope you develop some level morals, respect, integrity, and many other necessary qualities in order to successfully run our country. Although I am nervous about it, I can do nothing but put my full faith in you to maintain the success of the United States of America.

With all of the drastic opinions put out after the elections, one that I simply cannot take part in is “I am embarrassed to be an American.” Please. The President of this country will never, NEVER, fully embody the true qualities of this country. You can be embarrassed about the decision, but this decision will never change the root values of our country. Hard work, perseverance, drive, and pride in who we are will always prevail, and those concepts are something we can never be embarrassed about, no matter who our leader is. Although there will be some who find our future President to be our leader, if you share my opinion, you cannot say the same, and this is a sad realization. However, keep this in all of your hearts: we may have elected Donald Trump as our President, but we have the ability to elect ourselves as our leader. Our President does not have to lead us. In the hazed fog of the future of our country, the light from the solutions to the issues facing us will not be with him. It is up to us as American citizens to shine the light and navigate ourselves through the cloudy state of our nation, and come together to find our way through hardship.

I ask us all, citizens of all political viewpoints, races, religions, and nationalities, to come together; we have been divided too much these past 6 months. How did we let two political candidates, hungry for power, destroy the love and connections we have as Americans? We cannot let an election of one of the many positions of power in our country destroy the bonds of the American people. We are not Democrats and Republicans at heart; we are human beings. We need to have morality, we need to have love, we need to have respect, and most of all, we need to have empathy. Mr. Trump, so far, has not shown empathy. I pray that he will develop this sense, in order to help us come together. So, I ask of all you, all Americans, to open a door for a Democrat, help a Republican with a problem, and overall, treat all Americans as what they are: human beings. If there is ever a time to come together, it is now, after what was the worst Presidential election to date. The United States of America stands for so much; it is time for us to fully embody it.

Sources: “Donald Trump Sexism Tracker.” The Telegraph. Telegraph Media Group, n.d. Web. 10 Nov. 2016.


Boys Hockey Looks for Repeat of Last Year’s Success

As fall sports come to a close, Hanover’s boys hockey team is already thinking winter, planning for another successful season. After winning the state championship last year, the stakes are high but the team is ready to compete for another title.

The class of 2016 graduated 11 varsity hockey players so this year’s seniors are stepping up and preparing the rest of the team for a big season.  “I think we have a lot of potential to be a good team this year,” said Junior Captain Connor Morris. “We lost a lot of good players so there are a lot of spots available. It’s going to be very competitive and everyone is going to be working hard on and off the ice. It’s going to be different than last year but I’m looking forward to getting back on the ice with my team.”

The team has been hitting the ice bright and early for morning captains’ practices in the last couple of weeks. They also have held team workouts in the weight room. “Half the battle of becoming a good team is being in shape, so we take care of it in the preseason and go into the season ready to play full games,” said senior Ryan Mahoney.  This year’s team has a very talented group of upperclassmen and the underclassmen are working hard to keep up.

Senior Captain Ryan Phillips is a little sentimental about his last year playing hockey for Hanover. “We’ve had a lot of good runs the last few years that I’ve been on the team,” he said. “Although (next year) I’m going to miss playing with the boys I’ve been with since I was little, I look forward to ending it on a good note and hopefully becoming state champs one last time.”

Winter sports are set to start the week after Thanksgiving. I’m sure the fans are just as ready as the players and are excited to take the trip to Gallo to support the boys on their run at the Garden.

Stock Report: Tesla Motors

Tesla Motors, Inc. is an American auto maker that specializes in the creation of electric cars. It was founded in July 2003 and first gained attention after the announcement of the Tesla Roadster. The company is valued at $29.2 billion; a large cap stock. Some competitors are GM, Ford, Toyota and Nissan, each significantly larger in cap than Tesla. Tesla’s Model S has turned Tesla Motors into a significant and competitive company.

Recent News

10/19/16: All Tesla Vehicles Being Produced Now Have Self-Driving Hardware

Elon Musk, co-founder and CEO of Tesla Motors, announced that all new vehicles will have self-driving hardware, including the upcoming Model 3. The hardware being installed includes cameras mounted behind the windshield, two on each side of the car, and one in the rear, for a total of 8 cameras and 12 ultrasonic sensors to detect blind-spot movement. This should increase earnings in the future because, as of now, Teslas are some of the only residential cars with the feature. Tesla has been huge in the news as of late, stock price is unpredictable.

10/28/16: Elon Musk Announces Solar Roof Tiles

During a presentation, Elon Musk explained that Tesla would begin to produce solar roof tiles to power heating, electricity and, if you have one, a Tesla vehicle. The tiles will take in solar energy during the day and store the energy in a battery to be used at any time. This energy will then power all electronics, as well as heating. It will also provide energy to power the Power Wall, which charges your Tesla vehicle, indefinitely. The shingles will come in four different styles that provide the same features: textured glass, slate glass, Smooth glass and Tuscan glass. They are scheduled to start at a price point of around $70,000 compared to a $20,000 asphalt roof and $45,000 slate roof, based on a 3,000 sq ft. house. There is no known release date, but these roofs will presumably end up on everyone’s homes, with around 5 million new roofs installed each year in the US alone. Tesla is a buy-and-hold-on-tightly stock for the next, God knows, how many years. Very good investment.


Stock price is unbearably over-valued from a P/E standpoint, buy from an upside and potential standpoint, a good investment (in my humble opinion.) Teslas are becoming outrageously popular with some 300,000 pre-orders on the upcoming Model 3, which requires a $1,000 down payment. My opinion on the stock is a strong buy because I LOVE where the company is headed and its innovation is thrilling. Investing in the company is very risky as the company is very innovative but has failed to earn money in every quarter but two this year. The numbers show that this company should be avoided, but with high risk comes high return, so invest at your own risk!

20 Moments From An Election We’ll Never Forget

This year’s presidential election has been one of the nastiest ever. What was once a comparison of candidates based on policies has turned into a mud-slinging bully session. Candidates are roasting other candidates. But the people who are really getting burned are the American people,  left to pick between “Crooked” Hillary Clinton and “Loose Cannon” Donald Trump. While you may not have decided who you’re rooting for in this election, here are 20 things about the campaign that you’ll never forget.

1. Trump calls Jeb Bush “low energy”

Donald Trump started to be grab attention with outrageous comments at the Republican primary debates. His first famous comment was calling Jeb Bush “low energy.” This started the downfall of Bush’s campaign. Many people thought he was certain to get the Republican nomination, but that all started to unravel when Trump went on the attack.

2. Trump’s “robot impression”

Early in the campaign, Trump got a lot of attention for, well, just being weird. (Who even says ‘China’ like that anyway?). He got a lot of attention for his, apparent, robot impression. “You know what that is, right?” I don’t think anyone knew what that was. (See also: the many remixes of ‘bing bong’).

3. Marco Rubio is Dubbed “Little Marco”

Trump made up names for many of his opponents in the Republican primaries. “Little Marco” was his best work. The feud between the two later degenerating into a debate about “hand size.”  Trump’s attacks were said by many to be responsible for eliminating Rubio, Bush and eventually, “Lyin’” Ted Cruz.

4. Bernie Releases His First Ad

Something positive in the election had finally happened. Bernie Sanders aired his first commercial. For once, a political ad didn’t attack someone and try to use scare tactics. It had good values and just showed, well, America. Whether you liked Bernie Sanders or not, it’s hard to deny that this was definitely a feel-good kind of commercial.

5. Clinton Takes A Bathroom Break Mid-Debate

Defiantly proving she is just like the rest of us, Hillary made a dash for the bathroom during the commercial break of one debate against Bernie Sanders (and Martin O’Malley, but he didn’t get to say much). She didn’t make it back until after the show resumed. Luckily someone who was actually on the stage was asked the next question.

6. Jeb Bush Begs People to Clap

After Trump humiliated Bush at the Republican primary debates, Bush’s campaign was over. He definitely didn’t go out with a bang, begging his audience to clap for him at one of his campaign rallies. How sad. Just look at the audience’s faces.

7. Bernie is Tired of Hillary’s “Damn Emails”

Bernie and Hillary could both agree on one thing. They had heard enough about Clinton’s emails. Hillary seemed very glad to see someone move on from the touchy subject. Although with the recent scandal just a days before the polls open, Bernie may have spoken too soon.

8. Trump Offers to Pay Legal Bills of People Who Take Out Rioters at His Rallies

After multiple incidents of violence at Trump events, the candidate told his supporters to “knock the crap” out of  protesters interrupting the rally. He even promised to pay their legal fees if there was any trouble, something which he later denied saying. Since then, it has been found that some protesters were paid by Hillary’s campaign disrupt the rallies.

9. Clinton Gets Pneumonia

After people started to wonder about both candidate’s health, Hillary was seen being carried into a van after leaving a 9/11 memorial. This only fueled the fire of critics who argued she was in poor health. A conspiracy theory that Clinton had seizures began to take hold. The theory, obviously, has never been proven correct.

10. Hispanic Woman Loves Trump

After Trump was repeatedly criticized for discriminating against Hispanics, this woman was called to stage at one of his rallies. Unfortunately for Trump, this woman who shows her love for the candidate seems to be a rare find . . . and actually comes off a little creepy.

11. Melania’s Familiar Speech

At the Republican National Convention, Trump’s wife Melania gave a speech that sounded a little too similar to one Michelle Obama had made eight years earlier. The speech was not plagiarized, but written by the same writer, who felt very badly about the incident and apologized.

12. Clinton Calls Trump Supporters “Deplorables”

At a campaign event, Hillary  said that Trump’s supporters could be put “in a basket of deplorables.” The comment sparked outrage from Trump’s camp. I won’t say any more, as I’m sure most people have heard it played a thousand times.

13. Trump Threatens to Put Clinton in Jail

Trump completely lost it at the second presidential debate, saying that when he is elected president, he would investigate Hillary’s emails to determine whether she should be in jail. This was definitely the most shocking moment of the debate.

14. Ken Bone is the Debate Hero America Needs

Ken Bone won his fame for seemingly no reason, with a question in the town hall-style debate about energy policy. The debate was hardly taken seriously, as the second most talked about moment was the fly that kept landing on Clinton’s face.

15. Singing Makes Everything Better

To distract people from the two horrible choices they had for president after the second debate, an Internet user created a hilarious lip sync of the two candidates. While they might have been having the “the time of their lives,” America was biting its nails trying to decide between the lesser of two evils.

16. Hillary is Very Proud of Herself for Saying “Trumped Up Trickle Down”

When comparing policies at the first presidential debate, Clinton seemed very proud of herself for coming up with the idea that Trump’s economic plan would be a “trumped-up trickle down.” Just the smile on her face when nobody was laughing was awkward enough. When she later repeated the term at the third debate, there was still no reaction from the audience. Oh well, Hillary, I guess you can’t land them all.

17. Trump warns Americans of the possible 400 pound man hacking our government

When talking about a Wikileaks release of Clinton campaign emails, Trump told people he had no idea where the attack originated from. Countering the Democrats’ theory that the Russian government was behind the leak, Trump argued that, for all he knows, it could have been done by a 400 pound man hacking the government from his bed. Odd choice of words.

18. Trump at the Third Debate

Trump had a crazy third debate. He left the American people in suspense about whether he would accept the results if he lost the election, called Hillary a “nasty woman,” and warned the American people there are “bad hombres” coming over the border. He had sad himself earlier, “the shackles are off.”

19. Ted Cruz’s “Hotline Bling”


After Ted Cruz lost the Republican nomination, he eventually, reluctantly, supported Trump (after telling voters to ‘vote their conscience’). Here he can be seen campaigning for Trump, but very depressed.

20. Hilarity Ensues at Charity Dinner

At the Al Smith Charity Dinner, Trump and Clinton seemed to get along great, both of them poking fun at the other. It was nice to get a break from the usual cut-throat attitude that has characterized the rest of the race. It was definitely a great way to end the election as it will probably be the last time they are seen together in public.

The positive thing is the election is almost over. Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 8th. Luckily, Hanover High School has the day off so we can all mourn the fate of the country no matter who wins.

The Chicago Cubs Make History

The greatest situation a fan can ask for is a championship decided at the wire, the final pivotal game coming down to winner takes all. The World Series came down to game 7 and turned out to be a game for the ages.

The Cubs sent Kyle Hendricks to the mound with hopes of a dominant start. For the Indians, ace Corey Kluber was on the hill. Going into the game, Cleveland looked to have the advantage with the pitching weapons of Kluber, Andrew Miller and Cody Allen all available. Chicago had announced starter Jon Lester would be available out of the bullpen as well as closer Aroldis Chapman. The stage was set for a pitchers duel in the final game of the 2016 season.

The game started off incredibly fast with Dexter Flower hitting a lead off home run to put Chicago up 1-0. Cleveland responded with a run in the third but Chicago’s offense then exploded, taking a 6-3 lead into the bottom on the 8th inning. Cleveland rallied in the 8th  to tie the game on an RBI double by Brandan Guyer and a monster two-run homer by outfielder Rajai Davis. The hits came off of closer Aroldis Chapman, who was used in game 6 when the Cubs were ahead and seemed to have the game in hand. Early into Chapman’s outing in game 7, though, you could tell the fatigue from game 6 was a factor. Putting him in was a head-scratching decision by Cubs manager Joe Maddon. After nine innings, the game was tied and headed to extras.

Right after the bottom of the ninth ended, the grounds crew ran onto the field indicating they were going to delay the game because of rain. One of the greatest games in baseball history, about to go into extra innings, was being stopped because of rain. Twitter exploded with outrage as many wanted the game to continue. The delay only lasted a short time and play resumed. In the top of the 10th inning, Chicago scored 2 runs to give the Cubs a good but not comfortable lead. In the bottom of the 10th, Cleveland scored to make it a one-run game. With two outs and a ground ball to third, the Cubs’ Chris Bryant threw to Anthony Rizzo to end the game 8-7. The Chicago Cubs have ended their 108 year championship drought. The Chicago Cubs are 2016 World Series Champions.

Week 7: NFL Games Can End in Ties?

Week 7 was a chaotic week. There were eight games decided by one possession but none decided by just one point. In fact, one game was closer than one point. It was a tie!

The tie occurred Sunday night between the Arizona Cardinals and the Seattle Seahawks. The ending to this game was like no other game ever seen. The game was sent into overtime tied 3-3. In OT, both teams kicked and made field goals on their first drives to tie the game at 6-6. Then the chaos began.  Whoever scored the next point would win the game. The Cardinals were setting up for an easy 24 yard field goal for kicker Chandler Catanzaro. This is about as easy as they come, even closer than an extra point. And he shanked it! The kick was no good, keeping hopes alive for Seattle with 3:19 left in overtime. The Seahawks drove down the field and set up an easy game-winning field goal of only 27 yards for their kicker Steven Hauschka. With 7 seconds left and the game on the line, Hauschka missed, ending the game in a rare, and unsatisfying, tie.

Some of the other close games included the Miami Dolphins 28-25 defeat of the Buffalo Bills in an AFC East battle. Dolphins RB Jay Ajayi rushed for 200+ yards in the second straight game and scored a touchdown. The San Diego Chargers topped the Atlanta Falcons 33-30 in an offensive showdown, with Chargers RB Melvin Gordon rushing for 2 TDs. The game in London this week between the New York Giants and Los Angeles Rams resulted in a Giants victory of 17-10 due to Rams QB Case Keenum throwing four interceptions.

There were a couple minor upsets this week: the Philadelphia Eagles beat the Minnesota Vikings 21-10 and the New York Jets defeated the Baltimore Ravens 24-16. The Jets got help from their RB Matt Forte, who rushed for 100 yards and a touchdown.

Some other standout players this week were AJ Green, the Bengals receiver who caught for 169 yards and a TD, and Saints QB Drew Brees, who threw for 367 yards and 3 TDs.

The Dallas Cowboys and the Carolina Panthers were the two  teams with a bye.

Stock Report: Apple, Inc.

Apple, Inc. was founded in 1976 with the purpose of developing and selling personal computers and has grown into a company that develops and sells its own consumer electronics. Some of Apple’s competitors are Samsung, Google and LG. Currently, Apple rules the market from a cellular standpoint with Samsung taking a dive after their Note 7 device was recalled with cases of exploding batteries. Apple is a large cap company worth $612.61 billion and is the most popular cell phone brand around the world with its iPhone. Apple dominates the consumer tech industry considering that I own an iPhone, Macbook air and an iPad.

Recent News

9/7/16: Apple Unveils iPhone 7

Apple unveiled its newest iPhone model in the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. The iPhone 7 is the fastest iPhone to date containing Apple’s A10 chip. Some new specs are the upgraded cameras: iPhone 7 and 7 Plus have 12MP cameras, but 7 Plus has dual cameras. Each comes with upgraded screen resolutions and are both water resistant. Multiple reports reveal that the water resistance is much better than advertised. Both phones also come in Matte black, Jet black, Gold, Rose gold and Silver.

10/27/16: Apple, Inc. unveils Macbook Pro

Apple just announced its new Macbook Pro, which includes a touch bar on the top of the keyboard. This touchbar allows the user to access features such as volume and other controls as well as Touch ID. Touch ID is a feature that allows users to use their pre-loaded credit card or PayPal to purchase things easily from online merchants. The new personal computer is 17 percent thinner than its predecessor and has a 2x larger trackpad. It also includes Apple’s most advanced Retina display ever.


One share of Apple stock costs $113.72 with a $13.68 P/E ratio. Apple reported its earnings on October 28th and earnings are down. Based on recent news, the company is a bullish company and, despite declined earnings, should bounce back by the time the next iPhone season rolls around. For me, Apple is at a buy and will continue to be the most dominant electronics company in the market and gain Samsung customers looking for a reliable, safe phone. Overall, this company has shown what it is worth and will continue to win in the cellular and computer departments for years to come.