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2018 Holiday Shopping Guide

It’s that time of the year again! Time to buy gifts for just about everyone you know! This can seem like a pretty overwhelming task— especially if you’ve left it to the last minute—but don’t worry, there’s still time. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect gift for everyone on your list. (If you celebrate Hanukkah,  tuck this list away until next year)

1. Think obscure If your gift could be given to any person in the room and be fine, you probably bought a basic gift. The most thoughtful (and best) gifts are the ones that are oddly specific or obscure. Spend some time understanding the person’s interests and hobbies, and if they give you an idea, research it so you actually understand what it is. You’ll feel like you gave a better gift because of it. eBay, Amazon, and more specialized websites like Woot! are your friend here (just don’t get scammed)! With these kinds of gifts, it’s best you buy early since shipping from smaller sellers or companies can take longer than from bigger ones. Bonus points if your gift is discontinued, rare, or retro. If it comes in colors, make sure to get the recipient’s favorite (you should know what that is). Try to mix your interests and hobbies with theirs. If you’re good at buying clothes and they like movies, get a t-shirt, hat, or sweatshirt related to their favorite film. Use something you’re knowledgeable about to get them something they’ll like.

2. Quality over quantity The best gifts come in small packages. You might not have believed that as a kid, but believe it now! You might worry a small gift might look like you didn’t try, but if it’s a really good gift, the size won’t matter. Always go for the smaller, but nicer gift. On that note too, if you have to decide between giving one  expensive gift or multiple smaller gifts, always go for the more expensive one. The recipient will appreciate getting something really nice rather than just more things.

3. Buy holiday items the year BEFORE Gifts to yourself totally count as gifts. If you want to buy a holiday item, hold off until right after Christmas. They’ll most likely be discounted and save you some  money, which you can spend on another gift for yourself! Next year when you open these purchases, you’ll forget you even bought them— a surprise gift to yourself!

4. Plan ahead The holiday season is only a few weeks of the year, but the year is 52 weeks – make them count. If you see something in February, buy it. If you see something in August, still buy it. The point: buy things when you see them, or write down the idea. You can find some of the best deals during ordinary times of the year. Doing this will take the pressure off during December, and you’ll buy better gifts when you’re not panicking.

5. Wrapping is everything  A fancy wrapping job can make the best gift look better, so spend some time on this step. Is it a strange shape? Should you put it in a gift bag? Absolutely not! Bags should be avoided at all costs. Everything can be wrapped, and having gifts wrapped makes them much more fun to open! You can look up online how to wrap just about anything, and at the same time keep that obscure craft channel on YouTube alive — a win win! Gifts likes clothes can always be boxed, but most clothing stores don’t give free boxes anymore so keep whatever you get— they’re rare! Something oversized or really just impossible to wrap? Put a comically undersized bow on it. Problem solved!

6. Out of time? Ok, do you need a gift within the next week? The next day? If you have enough time, buy the gift online. Never pay for shipping unless you have to, though. Some stores let you chose slower shipping to get it free, but if you don’t have time for that just get in the car and go. Use the store’s website to find where the gift is in stock locally. If you’re really in dire need of a gift, don’t wander the mall, check out the gift ideas below. Still don’t see anything? Then gift cards are fine. Make sure it’s from a store you know the recipient will like (otherwise play it safe with cash). Remember to get something small, too, like their favorite candy or a small joke gift so there’s still something to open.

Best Gift Ideas 2018

  • A Bluetooth speaker
  • A wireless charger
  • An ornament related to something they like
  • Their favorite candy
  • A gift card to one of their favorite stores
  • A shirt with something they like (band, sport, place)
  • Something with their name on it (bonus points if their name isn’t common!)
  • Something related to an inside joke
  • An outing or activity you can do together

Buying the best gift doesn’t mean spending the most money! Now that you have these tips, everyone will want you in Secret Santa exchanges. You’ll encourage people to get more thoughtful gifts, and hopefully make the return lines in January a little shorter!


What’s Inside the Little Shop of Horrors?!

By Callia Gilligan

Mark your calendars for December 13th, HHS! That date is opening night for our very own production of Little Shop of Horrors. The musical was written by Howard Ashman and composed by Alan Menken, composer for lots of Disney movies including The Little Mermaid.  It is a love story about a young man, Seymour, with a crush on a girl named Audrey. While working in a florist shop, Seymour discovers a mysterious plant that he names Audrey 2.  After the death of Audrey’s boyfriend Orin, Seymour feeds Orin’s body to the plant. Audrey 2 grows more thirsty for blood so Seymour has the task of hunting down more bodies to feed the plant. To find out what happens next, come see the musical!

The musical is directed by our very own Mr. Fahey and Mr. Wade. According to Mr. Wade, Little Shop was chosen because the Hanover Drama program likes to have a mix between older and newer musicals. This particular musical fits the roles of students that were already in mind for the cast.  Emma Gannon plays Audrey,  Fred Trankels is Seymour, Erin Foley plays Audrey 2, Ben Manning is Mr. Mushnik,  Chris Manning plays  Orin, and Elise Falvey, Michelle Sylvester, and Kathryn Sheridan play the Greek Chorus Girls. The show does not have many main roles, Mr. Wade said. In fact, it’s supposed to be focused on the ensemble. The cast loves the show so much and is having so much fun with it.

The musical can be described in many different ways. It has good moral messages about greed and love, but is also described as “darkly humorous” by Mr. Wade, who actually played Seymour once in a school production! The show is fun and timely and both Mr. Fahey and Mr. Wade look forward to it. I know that I certainly am too.

Performances will be held Thursday, Dec. 13, and Friday, Dec. 14, at 7 pm. A Saturday matinee will be held at 2 pm on Dec. 15. Tickets are $15 for adults and $10 for students and senior citizens

Boys Soccer Player Reflects on Strong Season

By Ronan Henderson

While many believe that the fall sports season starts in late August, many teams’ quest for rings begins in late June at captains’ practice. For HHS boys soccer, captains’ practice is the ultimate tool not only for readying our skills for the season, but in getting the team chemistry right. It is during these practices when the team bonding really kicks in, from getting to know the new freshmen to finding nicknames for the many players in the program. Nicknames have become a mainstay in the HHS boys soccer culture. Some of the most famous from this past year have been Wes “Willy Ripski” Notarangelo, Patrick “Stew” Walsh, Cole “Sweener” Sweeney, Sam “Deener” Bristol, Joe “Hillary” Clinton and Andrew “Hoodie Fe” Ferreira, just to name a few. Throughout the summer, day in and day out, we left it all on the turf. From the grueling workouts with Coach Kaufman to the team runs followed by swims, we all had our eyes on one thing: winning.

The interesting thing about this team was the fact that some coaches around the league counted us out before the season even began. While some teams would use this as an excuse, we used it as fuel, picking up a big win over Rockland in the season opener and an impressive draw against Duxbury two games later. The beauty of this team was the fact that everyone knew – and embraced – their roles from the start. While some athletes may not be thrilled with sitting on the bench, the players on the sidelines for boys soccer  pumped up the team and stayed ready to have their number called at any given moment (quick shout out to Sweener and Deener #benchgang).

As the season progressed, the team picked up key wins against Pembroke, Quincy, and Plymouth South. While every win was a team effort, the defense shined for the Indians. The dynamic duo of junior Jake Heyl and Walsh, a sophomore, had opponents feeling helpless. On top of that, senior captain Sam Perkins had a great season along with fellow fullback Brendan Quinn. In the wise words of Paul “Bear” Bryant, “defense wins championships.” Another key to our success this year was the pair of senior strikers in Ferreira and Notarangelo, who played gritty and found the back of the net when we needed it most. An example of this was during the Indians first playoff game against Joseph Case High School, when Notorangelo got the home crowd pumped after scoring the game-deciding goal in a 1-0 win. In the midfield, senior captain James Clarkson was a magnet, winning all 50/50 balls within 10 feet of him all year long. To go along with that, senior Alec McArthur and junior Caleb Pongratz both enjoyed breakout campaigns. The true unsung hero of the team was junior Joe Clinton, who had never played goalie prior to the season and was a brick wall at all times. Key contributions also came from the bench.

Unfortunately, the one factor throughout the season that the team could not control was injuries. For whatever reason, the team was cursed with injuries, with up to seven players sidelined throughout the season. Sophomore Danny McDonald tried to fight through his foot injury, but was forced to miss most of the year. Rising star Conor McCann, a junior, endured a nagging back injury that forced him to miss a  number of games as well. Yours truly was also stuck sidelined eight games with a concussion, as was Joe Clinton for a few games. It should be noted though that without the excellent care of Hanover’s trainer Amy Tessitore, the team would have had even more players out. Despite the injuries, the team found a way to rise above and gut out wins. The main philosophy of the team was not to try and win the game all at once, but take it in 5-minute increments winning each five until we hit the 80-minute mark. The Indians would go on to lose to Norwell in the playoffs, ending their season with a strong 9-7-4 record.

As a team, the one thing we managed to do day in and day out was to leave everything we had out on that field. That quite simply would not have been possible without the guidance of our captains Perkins and Clarkson, dedicated players throughout their years with the program. The seniors in general were great at showing the underclassmen a strong example for years to come in the program.  Our success also would not have been possible without the time put in by Coach Rodday and other coaches and volunteers who prepared us for anything in game scenarios as well as looked after us off of the soccer field. Most importantly, it was the fans that the team had to thank the most. From the hardcore parents going to every game no matter the weather, to the students showing up and getting loud during home games, the season quite simply would not have been the same without you.

While this may be the end for graduating seniors, the Indians soccer team looks to keep this intensity going for years to come. With all of the up-and-coming talent this program has to offer, it’s no wonder they have been deemed the “young core.” As far as soccer goes, the boys will look to continue their dominant defensive unit next year and will continue to work toward a deep postseason run next season.

Featured team photo courtesy of DJ Meads Photography.  Other photos provided by author.


Patriots Shut Down Vikings to Stay Atop AFC

By Andrew Carroll

With a 24-10 win over the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday, the New England Patriots improved to 9-3 and remain at the top of the AFC. Meanwhile, the Vikings fell to 6-5-1 and into a tie for the wild card spot with the Washington Redskins.

The Patriots offense was firing on all cylinders Sunday. On the first drive, Brady led the team 81 yards on eight plays, capped off by a one-yard touchdown run from full back James Devlin. The Patriots virtually shut down the Vikings in the first half, until star receiver Adam Thielen managed a touchdown late in the second quarter. The Patriots went into halftime with a 10-7 lead, but that lead didn’t last long. After the Patriots went three and out on their first drive, Minnesota drove down and kicked a field goal to tie it up at 10. On the ensuing possession for the Pats, Brady looked to wide receiver Josh Gordon and he produced. Hauling in a 24-yard catch to start the drive, Gordon finished off the series with a 24-yard touchdown reception. After that it was all smooth sailing for the Patriots and rough waters for the Vikings. After a punt from Minnesota, the Pats drove down and fed Devlin for his second touchdown of the game. The Vikings made a late push in the fourth quarter but Duron Harmon picked off Kirk Cousins in the end zone, basically capping the win for the Patriots.

The Pats played tough defense all day and were able to execute on offense. Brady was 24/32 for 311 yards and a touchdown, while James White had 9 catches for 92 yards. Brady rushed for his 1000th career rushing yard, a milestone many thought he wouldn’t care about, but TB1K is a new trend. Also adding to his resume, Brady threw his 579th touchdown pass, tying him for the all-time lead with Peyton Manning. Next week, Brady will likely own this record, becoming the all-time leader in touchdowns and yards.   

This win was a big one and now the Patriots travel to Miami, where they always seem to have trouble winning. If the Patriots play like this again next week they are virtually unbeatable.


Photo Credit: AP Photo/Elise Amendola 

Pies for the Paper: Ms. Doyle Takes Part in Fundraiser

By Chris Acampora

Students seeing one of their favorite teachers put her face in a pie is not the usual way to end lunch period in the caf. But that was the case Nov. 16 when Ms. Doyle performed her winning stunt for The Indian’s Dollars for Dares fundraiser. Students and staff submitted a dollar a vote to choose which teacher volunteer they wanted to perform a unique stunt. During the week of voting, competition was neck and neck between Ms. Doyle’s whip cream-filled stunt and a singing duet by Mr. Hegarty and Mr. Ciccolo. Other dares included Mrs. McHugh wearing an inflatable T-rex costume, Mrs. Curley roller skating through the halls, and Mr. Wilbur eating chocolate-covered crickets. Thanks to Hanover High’s daring teachers and generous students, The Indian raised $130 to fund future print issues of the paper. The stunt definitely made for an interesting way to end lunches on a Friday — thanks, Ms. Doyle!

The video report below was created  by Mr. Wilbur and the HHS Broadcast Journalism class.

Midterm Elections: A Political Stalemate

By Matthew O’Hara

The midterm elections raged on for weeks after the November 6th election due to voter fraud controversies in North Carolina, machine failure in Florida, and extended deadlines to accommodate a runoff election in Mississippi.

The Facts:

Overall, the midterm elections presented wins and losses for the Republican and Democratic parties. While the Republican party remained in control of the Senate with a 53 to 47 seat majority, they lost their majority in the House of Representatives. The Democrats now hold the majority of House seats with 234, while the Republicans have 198. In both House and Senate races, there were many toss up seats that could have been won by either party. Winning these seats was crucial to each party, as it could give either party the upper hand. In most of these races, the winner was decided by only a small margin. For the Senate, these toss up seats were in Nevada, Arizona, Florida, Indiana, Missouri, Texas, Montana, West Virginia, North Dakota, and Tennessee. For the House, the toss up seats were in Florida, California, Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, and Virginia. When the contested elections for the Senate concluded, the Republican party won the majority of the contested states 6-4 over the Democratic party. This minority in the contested states made the Democrats unable to regain the majority in the Senate, and thus remain the Senate minority. The contested elections for the House of Representatives were a very different story. The Democratic party gained 20 of the contested seats, with just seven going to the Republican party and one vote undecided. These wins allowed the Democratic party to regain control of the House of Representatives.

While this election is now coming to a close, it did not go as smoothly as most Americans had hoped. This election was racked with mechanical failures, voter fraud, and controversy throughout the country. In the state of Florida, multiple mechanical failures in the voting machines led to many votes going uncounted, forcing several counties in the state to conduct a recount lasting for weeks. There were also cases of suspected voter fraud in North Carolina, after the 9th district seat for the House of Representatives was called into question. An extremely high number of absentee ballots were never returned, and reports that people claiming to be state officials went door to door collecting absentee ballots from citizens are under investigation.  The confusion and controversy in this year’s midterm elections was wide and varied. One example was when Florida Senate candidate Bill Nelson refused to concede to his opponent Rick Scott after Scott was shown to have slightly more votes than Nelson. Also, in the controversial Mississippi Senate election, when both candidates were unable to receive enough votes to declare an outright winner, they were forced to participate in a runoff election. This runoff election became even more heated with the release of a controversial comment by Republican candidate Cindy Hyde-Smith, who eventually won the seat by a comfortable margin. 

My Opinion:

With each party controlling one of the two legislative offices, I fear that we will see a period of conflict and stagnation in the government. If each party only works to shut down the other, then legislation will stall and the country will suffer with useless stalemates. The conflict between parties is one of the issues that plagues America today. Elected officials are tasked with representing the people that elected them, not just their party and everything it stands for. This singular loyalty to party over people has led some politicians to outright reject many ideas that are not in line with their party narrative. This practice has led to a deep division in America. What America needs right now is for both parties to set aside their differences and become a bipartisan Senate and House of Representatives that works for the American people. If each party tries to respectfully communicate with their counterpart instead of fighting them on every issue, America will be productive. If both parties cannot put their wants aside for the betterment of America, the country will continue to be divided and conflicted.  As Lincoln famously said, “A house divided against itself, cannot stand.”

College Basketball Off to an Exciting Start

By Joe Clinton

College basketball has proven to be the sport to watch so far this winter. Whether it’s due to the crazy hype surrounding the new top recruits or the high-paced and high-scoring style of play, the NCAA has granted us the privilege of watching what amounts to a  prime time game every night.

The talk of the season has been the phenom freshmen at Duke – Zion Williamson, RJ Barrett and Cam Reddish – who are projected to be the top picks in the next NBA draft. Duke has generated an enormous amount of hype, with Barrett averaging 22.7 PPG, Williamson with 21.3 PPG and 9 RPG, and Reddish with 15.3 PPG. This team seemed unstoppable, until they lost to Gonzaga 89-87.

What I think has made this season so fun to watch is that every night there seem to be at least two or three top-25 ranked matchups going on.  We already have had a 1 vs 3 matchup in Gonzaga vs Duke, a 2 vs 4 contest when Duke destroyed Kentucky on opening night, and  a 2 vs 5 pairing as Kansas topped Tennessee in overtime. Plenty of other must watch-games have been decided in the final seconds.

I was sitting on my couch on Wednesday night and just clicked on the TV to see what was on and there they were: four must-watch games . . . on a random Wednesday night. There is no other sport like this that gives the fans these kind of games on an everyday basis. The early games featured an unranked but very strong Syracuse team defeating 16th-ranked Ohio State, 72-62, and a no. 4 Virginia team who withstood 24th-ranked Maryland in a back and forth game that ended 76-71. During the late games, no. 15 Florida State beat 19th-ranked Purdue, 73-72, on a final second shot, and 7th-ranked Michigan completely stomped over no. 11 UNC, 84-67. All of these games occurred on just your typical Wednesday night and this continues to happen every night. The competition amongst college teams every night is what makes this sport so special, and why everyone should look forward to the rest of the season.